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6 September 2019

OMG.  I baked a pie!

Still have lots of apples, so I need to make apple "stuff" and yesterday I made another apple pie.  It's only noteworthy (other than the fact that it was delicious) because I haven't made a pie that looks like this in at least  5 years.  I have complained here several times about my problems in rolling out dough.  Using the recipe I have used for decades, doing exactly what I have done for decades, sometime in the past 5 years it stopped working.  The crust tasted fine, but I could never roll it out properly and ended up piecing it together for whatever I was cooking.

But for some reason, the last pie I made, a few days ago, turned out kinda sorta like it used to and this one was like I always made pie crust.  I don't know what I did differently that it worked so well,  but it did.  I must make a new one again soon (after we finish this one) so I don't lose my dough mojo again!

I feel like Holly Homemaker this week.  Baking pies (2), this morning making peach pastries -- made them for Jeri, but she had other plans for breakfast (so sad...Walt and I had to eat her portion)-- and this afternoon I'll make the birthday cake for my mother's birthday tomorrow.

I realize, contemplating making this cake, that I need to find all my stuff.  The right pan, food coloring, and my plastic bags for decorating the top, my decorating tips.  They are all there somewhere in the boxes in the kitchen.  I just have to dig.  I knew exactly where they all were in the laundry room, but no more.

Jeri is making the most of her time here, as she always does.  She manages to fit in visits with as many of her friends as possible, this time taking a few days to go to Oakland to see the contingent down there.

Yesterday she spent some time with a friend here in Davis, and then she had dinner with a guy from UCD that she used to work with.  They went out to dinner and came back here for apple pie.  I hadn't seen him in so long I was unaware that he and his wife had spent 5 years in Switzerland, before returning to work at UCD (which is where Jeri met him originally--they are both theater people)

This morning she had breakfast with two Davis friends and then Char's daughter Jenny, who was raised practically as a sister to Jeri (they are only 6 weeks apart in age) drove up from the Bay Area to have lunch with her.

Tonight she will come with us to see Mama Mia at the Davis Musical Theatre Company, so she can visit those people, and get a tour of the theater, which the founders want her to do.

And then tomorrow will all be taken up with Birthday Stuff.  Please, Dear God, may that be a good day for my mother.  So many people have been part of making it a celebration for her.

Sunday it's over...at least for Jeri, who flies home to Boston, fortunately just missing hurricane Dorian which should be past Boston by then.





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