I put this page together in August of 2008 to show some people the members of my family that they didn't get to meet on a trip out here.  I thought as long as the page exists, I might as well make it part of my journal web site!  The dates and ages mentioned below have to be adjusted, since time has elapsed since I first created this page!

Hi, Guys...

Since I forgot to bring the photos I was going to bring with me today, I thought I'd put up a web site to introduce you to my family:

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This is my husband Walt, age 67, retired civil engineer.  He worked for the Department of Agriculture (Soil Conservation Service).   He retired 2 years ago.  He did a lot of nothing for the first year of his retirement, then started volunteering at his old office and now that Obama has freed up funds for water resources projects again, he's now back at the office 2 days a week, working 2/3 time--this time for money.
This is Jeri (Jerilyn Anne), our oldest, and her husband at their wedding last year.  The ceremony was held on the beach in Goleta with my son Ned's wife officiating.  The veil she is wearing is the same one I wore at my wedding.   In fact, it was worn by five different women since 1964, the two friends Jeri and I went to Europe with, one of their daughters, myself, and now Jeri.


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n686905992_1967706_50.jpg (56020 bytes) This is my oldest son, Ned, his wife Marta and their dog The Bouncer.   This is a surprisingly "normal" picture of Ned.  It's not unusual to see him look like this:

toothlessNed2.jpg (24973 bytes)nedhair.jpg (25162 bytes)pink.jpg (23050 bytes)

(He just had to have his front 2 teeth pulled because, after 30 years, they finally "died" -- he was hit in the mouth with a baseball during Little League practice when he was 10 yrs old.  His coach was his dentist, who rushed him right off to his office and replaced the teeth and told him that he'd have to have them replaced when he was about 18, but he made it to 41 with the original teeth.)

Laurel, Tom and Brianna.  This was their Christmas card picture last year and this is the pose that I have most of.  Tom and Bri doing "Bri's Trick."

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I made web sites for both Paul and David after their deaths.  They aren't morbid.  If you're interested, you can find Paul's here and David's here.  Paul was an actor and after David died he started doing monologue shows as a way to work through his grief at losing his baby brother.  This was perhaps the most memorable part of his last monologue show:

In this part he talks about David's death, and also about my sister's death.  But I prefer to remember him like this, his tribute to Julia Child!

Now you know more about my family than you ever wanted to (and aren't you glad I forgot to bring my photos with me!)