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6 September 2015

1. Do you like making lists?
No.  I'm a terrible list maker.

2. Do/did you play sports with your siblings?
No.  I only had one younger sister and there was 4-1/2 years between us, we lived in the city and I don't remember us ever doing anything athletic together.
3. Would you rather go to a University or a community college?
I went to a University (UC Berkeley) and should have started at a community college.  I might have learned about how to go to an institution of higher learning. But then I would have missed all the special friendships I made during that time...and there would have been no Pinata group, so all things happen for a reason, I guess.

4. What’s your favorite kind of bread?
Hard to say.  Depends on my mood.  I grew up on balloon white bread, which I still love, but I also love cheese bread and nut breads.  Not crazy about whole grains, as a general rule (entirely too healthy), though in my bread baking days, my favorite bread was a cracked wheat bread that had a cumin flavor.

5. What toppings do you like on your pizza?
Sausage and mushroom.
6. What color or design does your shower curtain have?
Some kind of amorphous blue swirls.

7. What kind of car does/did your mom drive?
She loved her Lexus, but when she moved into Independent Living she gave it to Jeri, so it now lives in Boston.

8. What’s on your cell phone’s home screen?
Ned with Brianna, Lacie and Ned's dog Bouncer.

9. Do you like to watch the National Geographic channel?
Love it, especially specials on elephants.

10. Are you the type of person to correct a survey maker’s grammar and/or spelling?
Sigh.  Yes.  It's too drilled into my psyche by all those Irish nuns.

11. What color is your microwave?
That silver color that is so popular now.

12. Do you have a fan in your bedroom?
I have a small fan on the table next to my recliner and a stand alone fan on the other side of the room.

13. Mountain Dew or Sprite?
Neither.  I don't think I have tasted either so wouldn't know the difference.  I prefer water, or if I'm going for a soft drink, diet Coke (rarely).

14. Does it rain a lot where you live?
I live in California.  We haven't seen rain in years.

15. Do you shop at Walmart regularly?


16. Does it bother you when animals lick themselves?
Only when they lick their butts and then want to give me a kiss.

17. Have you ever been to a Trader Joe’s?
Yes, regularly.  I love Trader Joe's.  We recently got one here in town and it may be the most popular store here, especially for the university students.

18. What’s the longest time you’ve ever been stuck in traffic?
When you live where I live, traffic is a way of life.  I can't even think of "the longest," but probably somewhere on the Los Angeles freeways.  I recently was in this line of traffic trying to get home from Sausalito.  But this is pretty normal.  I listen to audio books.

19. Do you wear black a lot?
I don't think I own a pair of slacks that aren't black.

20. Are there stairs in your house?
Yes.  One flight up to the second floor.  Stairs are harder and harder for me, the older my knees and hips get.
21. Have you ever held $500 in cash?
I'm sure I have, starting as a grammar school kid, when I counted the collection after Sunday Mass.  (It was a large, fairly affluent Catholic church.)

22. Do you like onions on your burger?
Yes!  Especially carmelized onions.  When I was a kid spending summers with my cousin Peach, we used to have raw onion and mustard sandwiches on balloon bread.  Yum...

23. Could you ever give yourself a shot?
Sure.  I have a high pain threshold and no fear of needles.
24. Do you wear shoes in the house?
No.  Fuzzy socks.

25. Have you ever worked as a cashier?
I sort of do that now, working in the book store.



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