Updated 9/2015

These are the blogs I follow daily through my Google Reader
(There are others, but these are my favorites)

Living in the Bonus Round My friend Steve has been keeping this blog since 1996.
Life on a Small Island My friend Sian, who lives on one of the Orkney Islands, by a lighthouse
Blue Country Magic I'm a freelance writer and a blogger who lives on a farm. in rural Virginia
Red Nose Author of the book, "Girl Clown" because she was one once
Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords Schuyler's story
Thoughts Outside My Head The mysterious "Indigo," who also hosts "That's My Answer"
What if this is as good as it gets? My inspiration for all things "meme"
Z's World Retired Tennessee woman with a passion for travel and photography
Can I Drink the Water? Judith only writes when she and her husband are traveling, but her travelogues and photos are often breathtaking.
South Sound Arts, Etc. My friend Alec is also a theatre critic and I learn at lot reading his reviews (he's also a published author)
Life of Wry Kari lives here in Davis and is a fabulus photographer and a good writer too!

These are just a few that I read, the ones I read most often.

There are dozens more that I check every once in awhile.

Just so much good/fun stuff out there on the net!