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5 September 2019

SUELLYN -- I never did get back to you.  Yes, I'd love your recipe for apple cobbler! (don't seem to have your e-mail address).  I have 2 more boxes of apples to process.

After Jeri got home from Greg's this morning, she took a ladder and harvested most of the rest of the apples.  There were many more than I expected.  She filled the box I was using to give away apples on the weekend, and then some, and then said there were more.  I had her fill a smaller box--which was still a lot of apples--and we drove them to Eldervilla.

My mother was in her bed napping, but popped right up when she saw Jeri.  Sandy says she's been in a good mood this week -- may it last until Saturday!

We stayed about 45 minutes and I again marveled at how wonderful Jeri is with her.  She just takes whatever nonsense thing my mother says and runs with it and they have a fun conversation and laugh a lot.  Jeri's right.  I should have taken an improv class!

She was getting  tired and decided to lie down (we were in her room) and then realized she had to go to the bathroom.  Jeri got Sandy to help and the two of us decided we would leave.  When she came out of the bedroom and saw me standing there waiting for Jeri, she was thrilled to see me and wondered when I'd gotten there because she hadn't seen me in such a long time.

One thing about dementia, you sure get lots of strokes you don't earn!  All you have to do is leave the room and come back and it's like a new visit after weeks.

I was her mother again today.  She didn't treat me like she knew I was her mother, but a couple of times she talked about what "mom" was doing over there.

I also noticed something I've noticed before. She can't understand pronouns.  When I said "you are going to be 100" and answered with "you ARE?" and told me shouldn't admit it because it was so old.  She never did understand that when I said "you," I meant her.  (I wonder what she would have said if I said that I was going to be 100.)

I took a video of Jeri asking my mother if she knew that Saturday is her birthday and how old she was.  I don't know what's with my phone, but I set it to upload and it has so far taken about 3 hours and it's still uploading.  When I first tried, I got that "box full" message that would not let me even edit a photo.  I deleted a LOT of stuff, including a few videos and now at least it will "process" the video and attempt to post it but it may take until Saturday until it's finally posted ... it is only about a minute and a half long.

The modem the last couple of days has been as bad as it was when we had a dial up modem. I will be SO glad when we switch to whatever Marta thinks is going to work the best for us.

We left and Jeri took me to lunch at the Big Bear diner.  We had a very leisurely lunch.  We both ate a breakfast-type lunch and the platters were huge.  I was amused to read on their placemat that "...sometimes our customers who are not used to the portions think we are serving too much.  Nobody likes to be wasteful and neither do we!  I think we have one of the highest "to go" container cost in the industry.  We urge you to take the extra food home and enjoy it later."

Well...neither of us had leftovers.  Jeri ate all of hers.  I left parts of my biscuit.  Their biscuits are about 3-4" square.  Good but WAY too big.  I ended up eating the soft inside and leaving the rest.  But it was nice that the restaurant was quiet because we didn't feel pressured to leave and sat there having a lovely chat, which we rarely get to do.  I loved it.

I came home to a message from my mother's stepson saying he decided he would not come to her birthday anyway.  I'm sort of glad because too many people can be confusing for her, even if we're only going to stay a short time. But I was disappointed.  I think it's been well over a year since he last saw her.  They used to be such close friends and he still does her finances (what little of it there is to do these days), but when she couldn't recognize him, he decided not to see her again.  I feel the same way about all the relatives who constantly talk about how special she is and how much they love her but who have never been to visit her....or even send her a card.

But of course she doesn't know that.  And I suspect she would understand more than I do.  Her sister Barb, who was the last to die before my mother, had Alzheimers too and the day she no longer recognized my mother, she stopped going to see her.  She also stopped going to see HER mother when she only talked gibberish and my mother couldn't have a conversation with her.  For the one with Alzheimers, I don't think it makes any difference.

But my mother has Alzheimers, she thinks I'm her mother (or sister, depending on the day)and she speaks gibberish, but I can't not visit her, though my visits are further apart these days--ever week and a half instead of every week.

I was still full from lunch when it came time for dinner, but had leftovers, so I heated those and gave them to Jeri and Walt (Ned had gone home; he's taking tomorrow "off.")  I had a couple of the plums someone sent to us at the garage sale.

Then it was time for the results show for America's Got Talent.  Evenings are hard when Jeri is here.  She isn't a TV watcher. Sometimes I record everything and watch it after she goes to bed, but I wanted to see the show.  Howver, I keep the volume too loud for her and didn't have my hearing aids in, so I ended up using the earphones Ned had loaned me.  That makes the sound perfect for me and I can turn it down low enough that it doesn't bother the others. But if someone tries to talk to me, I can't hear a thing, so I spend a lot of time taking the earphones off and on again.

I'll tell ya ... this growing old stuff is the pits. 

I don't understand why anyone would want to live to "hunnert."



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