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17 January 2010

Lynn just came to say goodnight, on her way to bed.  She was still floating on a cloud and said that her birthday party had been "the best day ever."

The house was a beehive of activity. all so organized by Kathy that I felt like a bump on a log, so just stayed out of the way.  Donny and I sat on opposite sides of the living room sending e-mail to each other...

...while Lynn checked out the slide show that Donny had put together to show at the party.

Lynn has two sons, the older, Andy, lives in Texas and had flown out here with Lynn for the party.  Matt lives in Amsterdam with his wife and 9 month old son.  Lynn had been to The Netherlands this year to see the family, but was still sad that Matt wouldn't be able to be here for the party.  So it was a total shock when she walked into the living room and saw him there (you might be able to see the video here but it might not be visible until I get home to work on it).

Andy, Lynn, Matt

NOBODY except Andy knew Matt was coming, so every time someone new saw him, it was shock all over again.

The third sister and her husband arrived and we decided to take pictures before everyone got too harried.

Fran, Lynn, and Kathy (the hostess)

Gifts were opened.  One gift, a beautiful ring, was a gift from all the family so they took a group photo, into which young Luke decided to insert himself.

Today was actually Andy's birthday (Lynn's is really tomorrow), so he got gifts too, especially these lovely pink underpants which they bought for him at a local massage parlor.

There are few men who could carry off this look, but Andy did it with aplomb.... and a lot of laughs.

When it was time for cake, Lynn led everybody in singing to her.

When everybody had gone home, we sat around rehashing the day--and giving some attention to Shorty.


Kathy, who had done yeomen's duty for the day was definitely ready to call it a night.

So, all things considered, it was a great success and Lynn has been well feted, which should hold her until her 70th, ten years from now!

I'm leaving here at the crack of dawn tomorrow, hoping to get as far as I can before the predicted storm hits.




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