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Refrigerator Door

I bought this almost exactly a year ago, when I flew to Texas to surprise Lynn on her 50th birthday. I had stayed with some friends the week prior to the surprise party and things had not gone well. This was to remind me not to do that again!

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The Night Listener
by Armistead Maupin

The book is really riveting. I read a lot of it yesterday while waiting for my client. Very hard to put down!

For anyone contemplating reading this book, I strongly recommend that you check out this web page.

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17 January 2001

I’m having the best time this week. I’ve mentioned that my friend Lynn is in town from Texas. She’s here for a court case which involves several people from my old office, many of whom no longer work for the office either. (We’re all thrilled about that!)

While she’s been here, we’ve been trying to schlep her around so she can see as many of her old friends as possible, and since she’ll be here about a month, there is a good chance she will do that.

For me, it’s fun seeing all those faces again and sitting around a table like it was old times. I made a list tonight of the people who will probably be joining us tomorrow night when we celebrate Lynn’s birthday. I realized that I had automatically used the initials that we always used in the office. Nobody ever said "Lynn" (which would have been confusing anyway, since there were two Lynns). It was always LH (or LJ until she married "H" and became LH).

My list indicates that there will probably be 9 for dinner tomorrow night. LH, the guest of honor, myself, CLO‚ who came in from Oregon; BB, who lives here in town, but no longer works for the office; SS‚ who also left the office shortly after I did; JH is coming in from the Bay Area, unless she has to deliver a baby; and we hope LY will be able to join us as well.

You just can’t imagine how jazzed I am to see those initials again popping up all over my office. We saw EV, JM, MM, MAD, and LMS at lunch the other day (BG was sick and couldn't come), and had dinner with LDS and RM. CLO was here for dinner last night.

I love having the alphabet soup back again.

The only problem with all this socializing is that I have work piling up to the ceiling. I had worked diligently to get everything caught up and then Lynn arrived and the psychiatrist went nuts with dictation at the same time, so I’m back to being behind again (yes, Peggy...I know...). The problem with this is that with all the schlepping and partying, I have both fewer hours available and less energy. I find I’m falling asleep sooner and sleeping a little longer than my usual 4 hours, so I’m getting less done at night and less done in the early morning hours. Not a good thing!

And I took yesterday "off," sorta, to go deliver a client for Breaking Barriers. This was the woman I wasn’t able to find the other day, convinced her street did not exist. Someone from Breaking Barriers had actually been on her street and gave explicit directions and I was finally able to find it--it’s a driveway with a red sign hanging on a fence with the name of the "street" on it--and I was looking for an actually street with a street sign.

The woman spoke no English, so it was a very silent ride to and from CARES. And then she had an unexpected stop to make at a hospital to have some heart irregularity checked out, so the trip turned into an afternoon long excursion.

I’m writing this at 3:30 a.m., as I am about to try to get some work caught up before I have to wake Lynn at 5. I’m well aware that this is probably the most boring journal entry I’ve ever written.

Sorry--some days are diamonds, some days are stone.


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