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29 March 2009

It's Birthday Party Eve and the focus of the "eve" itself was on getting ready for Brianna's Birthday Party.  It had been a fairly quiet early part of the day.  Alice Nan and Joe went to work, Jocelyn & David were out picnicking, Walt went to the hospital to visit his mother (who was moved from ICU to a regular room today, having dodged another bullet, thank goodness).

I decided to stay here and work on transcribing an interview I'd done last week, but I wasn't feeling real good (perhaps all that lack of sleep this week!), so I took a couple of hours off to finish the audio book I'd been listening to in the car.  GREAT idea.  What a good book.  You can read my mini review in "Books Read in 2009."

By the time I'd finished the book Walt was home from the hospital, Tom was home after shopping for every hot dog in Santa Barbara (a lot of guests are expected on the beach tomorrow), and Laurel & Bri would be home from a bridal shower soon, so we went over to the house for dinner, bathtime and an evening of making cakes for the party tomorrow.

I was pretty dubious about my ability to transfer a photo to frosting.  I'm out of practice and I knew this one was very special.  But I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I'll show you the picture tomorrow, but here is me adding the final touches.

This is the "big" cake. Laurel also made about 3 dozen cupcakes which are just darling (I'll show you those tomorrow too!)

There is also the "smash cake" (the one Bri gets to eat by herself) yet to be decorated, and Laurel will do that one in the morning.

Somewhere in the middle of all that was bath time, and we got to watch Bri in the tub.  It's always fun to watch a baby in the bathtub...and no, they don't always try to choke her!

Then there was "calm down" time on the couch.  Bri and Walt got into a lively game of "throw the stuffed dog at Grandpa and watch him bounce it back to you." 

Eventually Bri was wearing out, so Laurel took her off to her room to have a bottle and then go to sleep.

Tom and Walt went out and brought home take-away Chinese food, which was delicious and we all collapsed on the couch and ate while whispering, since Bri had gone to sleep all right and the longer she stayed asleep, the better it would be!

Tomorrow we will be on the beach.  There are 50 adults and 15 children expected and Tom is doing a hot dog barbeque.  Laurel says that she's not sure if she's planning a child's birthday party or a wedding, since she has ordered a keg of beer! I'm making clam dip, of course. It's not a party without clam dip!

I don't think there will be a pinata this year, though.

And be SURE to watch the video of the day!  It's Ned's gift to Bri and it's just priceless!  I have such talented children.





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