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29 March 2007

It was at one of the "changing of the guard" times during my mother's convalescence when my cousin Kathy brought my cousin Peach down to "relieve" me (not that I needed "relieving") .  Kathy spent the night and she and I both went home the next day (in separate cars). 

That one night we had so much fun, just laughing with my mother, visiting, eating, and playing cards and I suggested that we make it a regular event.  I pointed out how much enjoyment my mother and her siblings had with each other through the years and that we are now moving in to the "older generation" slot. 

We each have siblings... mine is dead, Peach's is not the sociable type, and Kathy's brother and sister both live in different states.  As we were growing up, of the 32 cousins in the family, I think the three of us may have been the closest as friends.  At least I have always considered myself close to both Peach and Kathy, and not really to any of my other cousins, except Shirley, in the last years before she died.

I suggested that we make it a firm date, that since we all live in the same general area we should get together each month for lunch or dinner or something, and then suggested that our first Cousins' Day be another "sleep-over" at my mother's, since she is still mostly house-bound and I figured she would enjoy the company.

Yesterday was our first Cousins' Day and what a great time we had!

Kathy brought all the mixings for "apple-tinis," which are apple-flavored martinis, served in a glass rimmed with sugar.  They go down very easily!

We sat around and drank and talked and laughed.  Peach showed all the information about the family she had gathered meeting with a local historian recently.  My mother told stories of her own growing up experiences while I videotaped many of them.  (The project was so successful, I'm going to start another Blogger blog as a place just to put family stories, for anybody in the family who might be interested in seeing them all in one place.)

I had brought a couple of pizzas I bought at Papa Murphy's here in Davis (because they were having a fund-raiser to raise money for the high school Madrigal choir), and we stopped the card playing long enough to have dinner, then went back to the game again.

I actually won the first game, which I almost never do.

(They got me back with subsequent games both last night and this morning.)

After dinner, my mother removed her "boot" to show us how well her leg was healing.

At the same time I looked at Kath and me.  Kath, who has emphysema, was lying on the couch, hooked up to her oxygen tank, while I was on the other couch with my leg elevated because it makes my knee feel better. 

I had to laugh at all of us and our various infirmities (Peach, so far, is still well...we told her she can wait on us from now on).

We had breakfast this morning and played another couple of games of cards (I lost both games) and then we 3 cousins packed up Kathy's car and came on home.  We have already chosen a date for our next Cousins' Day, mid-April.

I'm on a real high and very happy and proud to be related to all these terrific women!




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