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29 March 2005

E-DemSleep.jpg (30727 bytes)Well, the puppies had quite an Easter and are still exhausted.

We packed them in their carrying case, which Ashley had dropped off earlier in the week, and put them in the car.  

First, we drove a couple of blocks to the nearby theatre where Ned works on Sundays.  I let the puppies out onto the grass while Walt went inside to get Ned so he could see them.  The religious group holds its church services in the theatre and they were just letting out, with little kids holding balloons.  There were several who got all excited about seeing the puppies.   I was so sorry I had left my camera in the car.  Is there anything more precious than a little girl in her Sunday best hunkering down to kiss a puppy who is standing up on its hind legs to greet her?

When the puppies had been duly appreciated, we packed them back in their carrying case and started the hour-plus drive to my mother's.  I was feeling pretty smug that they settled right down and fell asleep.   Piece o'cake.

Until Demetrie got a bee in his bonnet that he wanted OUT.  NOW.  The last 20 minutes was covered with Demetrie barking and howling at top volume.  Poor baby.

We brought them inside and let them out, whereupon they promptly peed on the carpet.  Fortunately, my mother was more cool about that than I was (not wanting my babies to soil my mommy's carpet).   We were going to go to brunch, so I fixed the puppies up their "lunch" and put it down for them.  Demetrie wanted to have none of it, and Hamlet finished the whole thing--the double batch.  He didn't eat much for the rest of the day, but he sure pooped a lot!  Fortunately, my mother preferred to play with the puppies and clean the rug, than to lock them up and keep the rug clean.  My mother is a sucker for cute little furry things. and they obviously enjoyed her too!

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The puppies were very lucky that they found not one but two suckers who were willing to sit and cuddle them.  My cousin, too, had a good time with them.

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While she was having a good time with Demetrius, her own dog, Mollie, was keeping a big distance and expressing her opinion about the whole puppy-worship business.

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At the end of the evening, I put the puppies back in the carrying case and expected to have the same complaints going home, but they slept the whole way (so did I).  When we got here, I gave them a small amount to eat, since they'd already had too much for the day.  They gobbled that down eagerly and went right to sleep and didn't wake up until after I did, at 6:30. 

Our non-puppy time was brunch at the Peacock Gap Golf and Country Club in San Rafael, which, I discovered when we arrived, was where we had attended the wedding reception of our friend Tavie when she married Steve many years ago.   Brunch was a huge spread--everything from donuts to prime rib and just about anything you wanted in between, including a nice dessert table and champagne.  We all went home stuffed and nobody even thought about having dinner, even though we had eaten at 2 p.m.

Today it's back to normal again.  The puppies are back in the kitchen (though any minute now Demetrie is going to discover a way to climb up the board and over the top and land on his head on the floor--if I were keeping him, I'd re-name him Bingo, since his theme song has become the old Bing Crosby standard, "Don't Fence Me In"), I'm back to transcription and moving crap into the living room, and life goes on.

Oh yeah--and we've decided on color.  Sorry, green people, but blue has won out.  The more I looked at it, the more I liked it.  I also had more support for the dark accent wall than those who felt it was too dark  ("Accent walls rule," writes Ned), so I'm going stick with that idea, 'cause I really love it.  Ned is suggesting we do a texture on that wall, and that's still in the discussion stage.  But painting will happen soon, and I'm excited (again) about getting it done.

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THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY:  Sometimes I get snippets of ideas that I think I want to write about but when I sit down to write a journal entry, they just aren't fully formed enough to make it to the journal.  But this morning I see that Steve has started a complementary blog to his long-running journal (which should really be awarded "legend" status, you know, since it was only the 8th journal ever to appear on the Interenet).  I thought it would be fun to set up a complementary blog to this journal.  And so "Funny the Blog" has been born!  The first entry is inviting God's wrath.


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