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18 March 2006

We need to have PEOPLE
who mean something to us,
people to whom we can turn,
knowing that being with them is coming home.

B. Cooke

I've used this quote before, because it holds a lot of meaning for me.  There have been periods of my life, which are associated with the specific people who were there at the time, periods that I miss sorely. 

Sometimes the quote is "you can't go home again."  Many times the quote is "you can't go home again."   But the golden times are when you learn you can go home again, when you meet those special people, perhaps years later, and discover that there is no real need for getting caught up.  You just pick up where you left off the last time you saw each other. 

At those times, you heave a huge sigh of relief.  It's like walking into a pair of open arms that enfold you, it takes you back to When Things Were Good and lets you know that the special bond is still very much alive and well.

I have that "home again" feeling today.  Lynn arrived.

She was an hour late because they had her change planes and then her luggage got lost and she had to file a claim (for me losing luggage is an inconvenience; for Lynn it's a tragedy of major proportions!).  But when she finally got in the car, we chatted animatedly all the way home, just like she had only been gone overnight.

Oh, we eventually got to those "getting caught up" conversations-- how are my kids? how are her kids? how are her grandkids? how are her dogs?-- but there was none of the awkwardness of meeting again after 5 years had elapsed.  She's one of those people who means "coming home."

We went off to the supermarket to buy stuff for lunch tomorrow.  I'm not sure how Lynn could spend $104 after only 3 hours here, but she did.  After all, you have to have enough wine for 3 days, and you can't get wasabi mayonnaise in Houston, and that candle just smelled too good not to buy, and she would make the salad and buy ingredients for it.... by the time all the impulse purchases had been made the total was in 3-digits...and that's before the stuff I was buying for lunch had been rung up!

We came home and unloaded groceries, dove into the Cheez-Its, and just chatted. 

When the phone rang it was Leon.   "BEVerly," he said, in that way he always said my name when he was calling me when I worked for him.

We joked about Lynn and about the restaurant we were about to go to for dinner that evening.  Again, the years melted away and it could have been yesterday when we last spoke.

Lynn's lost luggage never did arrive before we had to leave for dinner and I was just terribly embarrassed to be seen in public with her wearing the same clothes she had worn on the plane, for goodness sake!  But I acknowledged that hard times made for harsh measures and at least she ironed them first.  (Good lord, it's like having Peggy back again.  An ironing board set up in the bedroom.  Next thing you know she'll be stringing clothesline in my back yard.  She asked how often I would be using the iron in the next few days.  I tried to remember if I had ironed anything in 2005.  I had to dust the iron before she could use it.)

Dinner was just absolutely great.  So wonderful to see Leon again.  Ironically, Walt pointed out that when we walked through the restaurant we had passed by a table where Dr. G was also eating dinner-- but he didn't see me and I hadn't seen him and I decided it was better that way.

We got all caught up on mutual acquaintances, and kids and medicine and all sorts of things.  Leon mentioned that Lynn should stop by the birthing center, where she had delivered nearly 800 babies in her time here, so when we got back to the house, fed the dogs their treats, and left Walt off, we did just that--drove out to the birthing center.

There was only one person there who had worked with Lynn when she lived here, but they had worked closely and the reunion was joyous.   We sat there chatting about mutual acquaintances and kids and medicine and all sorts of things.  I found out that a midwife I knew had written a book (a novel) in which Lynn is acknowledged.  Everyone had read it and I can see that is going to have to be the book I take with me to San Francisco when we head down there on Sunday, if I can find a copy of it here in town before we leave.

We visited at the birthing center until nearly 10:30, by which time Lynn was fading, a new baby was coming in to be bathed, along with her parents and cameras, and the activity was picking up, so we were starting to be in the way.  We plan to go back tomorrow night when other people Lynn had worked with should be around.

It's been a fantastic day and so much fun having Lynn back here, even briefly.



birthingcenter.jpg (148479 bytes)

At the birthing center (note the baby in the background!)


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