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18 March 2005

"So we're just going to cover the floor with spaghetti sauce?" Walt asked as he came home from work.  He was responding to the e-mail I'd sent him at work earlier in the day.

I could have waited until he got home to give him an update, but I was too excited about it.

I had invited my mother to come and help me decide what I wanted to do with the family room.  This project is becoming like every remodel project.  It started out with renting a rug shampooer after the puppies left and escalated quickly to recarpeting the family room area, then I suggested that instead of doing just that, that we make it wall to wall carpeting in the family room.  Walt grudgingly agreed.

"You know," I said, "As long as we have to take all the furniture out of here anyway, we should paint too."  The gradual escalation had taken place over several days and so far Walt hadn't fainted or run screaming from the house.

Then I heard from my friends Martha and Michael, each of whom had put in wood floors in their respective houses and felt that was the way to go.   I remembered how much I loved the wood floor that the Andersons had put in, which I never thought we would be able to afford.

"Wood--and color," Michael said.  He assured me that going bold with color was a good idea and that I'd love wood floors.

"You know," I said again, while I was sitting on the kitchen floor trying to scrub up the stains left from puppy poop. "The kitchen floor really needs to be replaced.  Why don't we do that too, as long as we're doing the family room too.

I took the whimpering sound for an affirmation.

I waited another day before springing the idea of wood on him.  And extending the new floor area all the way to the front door.   I think he was still in shock, but he did bring me a Home Depot flyer which showed that laminated flooring was on sale.

Enter Mother.

My mother arrived and we talked about it while Walt was at work.  She liked the idea of wood too. Then we took a run out to Home Depot and had a lovely conversation with a lovely man there who was only too happy to write up a lovely order slip and take my lovely credit card to charge a lovely downpayment so he could order the lovely guys who come out to measure the house to come out and measure the house.

It was all over in less than half an hour, and I walked out leaving behind a work order for installing wood flooring on the foyer, hall, kitchen and family room. 

I sent an e-mail to Walt:

"I have set the wheels in motion for having a Pergo floor installed.  You're gonna love it."

Prego?  he thought.   Like the spaghetti sauce?

But no, it's not like the spaghetti sauce.  It's Pergo.  And it's laminated wood flooring.  And it's guaranteed to retain its look for 25 years (he said if I went with the Dupont brand, which was a bit more expensive, it had a 30 year guarantee.  I told him I was 62 and didn't think I'd need the extra 5 years).  He assures me I won't need a vacuum cleaner and that even sticky and/or greasy stuff dropped on the kitchen floor (pretty much a given in this house) is no problem and that the dogs' nails won't scratch it.  I didn't ask him about puppy poop.

It's a marriage made in heaven.   Of course, if they come out here and decide that our cement slab absorbs too much water, then all bets are off and we're back at square one, so I want everyone to think positive thoughts that (a) we can install Pergo here, and (b) that we can install it over the existing linoleum, so I don't have to worry about tearing the existing floor up.

After we returned home, we started The Big Move and took a lot of stuff into the living room--mostly things that currently rest on or in things.  The furniture move will take a little more muscle.   But it's a start. 

The measuring guys come out on Friday and then we'll find out if we move forward to the next step.

I'm hoping Walt doesn't have a heart attack when all the costs are added up.  But it's going to be gorgeous.

Now I just have to figure out what color I want to paint the room!  And the hall.  And maybe the kitchen.   Submit your suggestions within the next couple of days and all good suggestions will be considered!  Remember, the kitchen countertops are blue.

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(I'll wait till next year to bring up the countertops and cabinets....)

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Michael has "gone bold with color."
Am I that brave....?

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