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People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things.  When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.

~ Norman Vincent Peale

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18 March 2004

It was a big step.

I was going to do it all by myself. Nobody experienced around to help me. I could do this alone.

I got into the car and headed off to Woodland, 20 miles away. I went by the back road because it’s more scenic than traveling by highway.

I passed over I-5 and down the overpass, and then made the turn toward town. I passed the warehouses and the empty fields, drove along side the railroad tracks, and suddenly there it was, sitting all alone like an oasis in the desert.

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I could do this.

I could go into this bastion of testosterone and actually find knobs for the bathroom cabinet all. by. myself.

Such a sense of empowerment.

I felt like a country bumpkin on Wall Street. Wandering around, looking up at the signs, shelves of strange looking items hanging over my head..

Gorsh, Maude...shore is big!

Not surprisingly, the term "knobs" (or even "drawer pulls") was not on the schematic which was designed to help me find things in the store. I stood there where the star said "you are here" and I looked at the various departments. Which was the most logical place to start looking for knobs for my drawers (why does that sound faintly naughty?).

I passed through the lighting department and toyed with getting a new lamp for the bedroom, but I hadn’t brought a cart with me and didn’t want to carry one around, so I put that on the list for next time (I was already thinking in terms of "next time."  Heady stuff!).

The cabinet department had lots of cabinets with lots of knobs, but no place where you could get the knobs separate from the cabinets--and I didn’t think people were supposed to unscrew them from the existing cabinets.

All of the helpful clerks were running away from me helping guys with tape measures hanging out of their back pockets.

I finally found a help desk, at which a young woman was having a nice telephone chat with a friend about something she’d seen on television the night before. She did look up and directed me to the knob section (I was so close). I spent a lot of time trying to decide from among white knobs and black knobs and silver knobs and gold knobs and knobs with flowers on them, round knobs, flat knobs, little knobs, big knobs. I finally decided to go with plain white round-ish knobs, which matched the plain white round lightbulbs over the sink.

See? I’d done it.

But then the hard part came. Checking out.

There are twelve checkout stands, dozens of customers to check out and guess how many cash registers were open?



The person at the head of the line had a flat pallet with enough lumber to build a small house, in addition to enough 60 lb sacks of cement to build a playground. The guys in front of me looked like they’d found the bargain bin and had about 100 little packages of tubing and paint brushes and silver stuff and small appliances--$300+ worth of tiny packages, each of which had to be rung up individually.

While I was standing in line, I had the opportunity to examine the display of the "Champion El Toilet," which was hanging on the wall. Its claim to fame is apparently that it can flush 2 dozen golf balls at the same time without a problem. It reminded me of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner my uncle used to sell, which would suck up a bowling ball, but couldn’t pick a thread off of a carpet after you purchased it. But at least if El Toilet can flush 2 dozen golf balls, I guess it can handle the most severe case of constipation--or diarrhea, and probably the most insistent of toddlers as well.

By the time I got to the cash register, the line stretched back to Davis and I’d been waiting longer than it took to give birth to most of my children. I put my pathetic seven little knobs on the counter, paid my money and took my little bag out to the parking lot.

On the way out I ran into someone from WeightWatchers.  Busted!  I explained that I was taking a break, found out how all the guys are, and made my way back to my car and home with my little knobs.  Not only had I survived my trek through the jungles of Home Depot, but I even managed to put the knobs on the cabinets all. by. myself.

I feel so....competent.


knobs.jpg (21417 bytes)



Isn't is beautiful? 

Scott still has to put in the floor and add the mirror over the sink, but it's very definitely getting there!!!


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