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19 March 2006

It's taken me a couple of days but I've finally figured out what has been missing in my life for the last several years.


What is more fun than to get together with old friends and talk about who is sleeping with whom ...and who was fired ...and who is now gay ...and whose marriage is on the rocks ...and who had a nervous breakdown ...and who has been sniffing ether in the supply closet.

When you don't see old friends for five years or more, there's a lot of that sort of catching up to do.   I mean, how much time can you talk about little Johnny who is now 6' tall and head of the debate team at Harvard.  That's all well and good, but what we want is just some good old fashioned dirt.

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It's not like this is telling tales out of school, but "everybody" knows such-and-such, except one person who is out of the loop, so of course "everyone" is only too delighted to pass along the news.  In fairness, the news we've been sharing hasn't all been fodder for a local episode of General Hospital, but most of it has.   The good stuff has.

When you pour a bit of wine into the mix's absolutely delicious.  Women can be such gleeful bitches.

RM-wine.jpg (130872 bytes)

"...speaking of vibrators..." said one woman at my lunch today, starting gales of laughter.    She was highly recommending the "eroscillator," recommended by Dr. Ruth.

"It's kind of pricey..." [she paused for effect] "...but worth it."

More laughter.

"I think I have that one!" shouted another woman, offering enthusiastic agreement on its efficacy.   A discussion ensued about the good and bad points of vibrators. 

RM-wine2.jpg (127606 bytes)

That's the nice thing about having lunch with a bunch of medical professionals who are all in the gynecology field.  There is absolutely no taboo subject.

I looked around the table and saw a group of women I dearly loved, none of whom I have seen for years.  But having them all together under one roof, all at my table.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was.  A little older, a little grayer (some of us), but still looking mighty good, all of us.

Only two of the 9 women still work in the office.  The others are retired or working in other medical offices.

But as I looked at all of us sitting there, the years rolled back and we were all again in that little office where we first started, when life was simple and HMOs were on the far-off horizon.

We watched the video of our Christmas party and laughed at how much fun we used to have at those parties.

WHAVid.jpg (133693 bytes)

We lingered over the quiche I'd made, the salad Lynn made and the other goodies that people had contributed.   It was so much better than if we had gone to a restaurant, where we couldn't be raucous and where we certainly would never have heard of the eroscillator.

When everyone left, Lynn and I cleaned up the kitchen and kind of collapsed in recliners and enjoyed the afterglow for awhile.  Then she went upstairs to iron and I stuck in a bit of transcription because we were going to be going out again very soon and I wanted to get something done.

At 7 p.m., we went back to the birthing center for more visiting.  She hit the jackpot this time and there were 4 or 5 people she knew, and everyone greeted her like the visiting royalty that she is.

We didn't stay too long, though, because were meeting another one of the doctors for dinner at 8.  This doctor is also no longer with the practice but has her own private practice in Sacramento.   Lynn delivered her youngest daughter, and so she brought along the "baby" and her older sister, so Lynn could see how good her handiwork turned out.

LHKids.jpg (113491 bytes)

It's been really a busy, fun, emotional day with lots of good food, lots of good wine, lots of good friends, lots of good memories, lots of good laughs.

How can you fault a day like that?



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