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31 March 2021

Today I am the grandmother of a teenager.

It doesn't seem possible that 13 years have passed since this picture was taken.  And I haven't seen Brianna in over a year, so I don't even know what she looks like these days (other than the pictures her mother takes).

But I was thinking back and remembering when I was 13.  I had just started high school (no junior high for Catholics) and our neighbor, Leah, had been talking about her nephew and how I should date him.

I had never dated at 13, but she arranged for Bill and me to go to the movies.  I remember we saw a Tab Hunter film and we both took the bus to the theater and met there.

We got along fine and a week or two later, Bill was in an auto accident and was hospitalized.

I went to see him at the hospital every day and when he got out, we started dating.  I dated him -- only him -- for the next three years, until he went into the seminary (he's now a Jesuit brother).

Somehow I have a difficult time picturing Brianna going on a date with a guy and then dating him for three years!

Ned has stopped making the long, complicated videos for Bri's birthday (he stopped when she was 10), but still does something special for her.  A couple of years ago, he made a great comic book.  This year he's made another movie.  It's not as complicated as her first ten movies, but it's funny and I hope she likes it.

I didn't know what to get her, so sent her an Amazon gift certificate.  I had to send it to Tom, since she doesn't have an e-mail account, and I kind envisioned her checking out Amazon to get what she wants, but Tom and Laurel used the gift certificate and bought her books that they know she wants, so she isn't getting the "grown up" gift certificate experience, but she will at least get books she wants -- and she is a voracious reader.  Books were always my favorite gift at her age too.

So yesterday Ned installed a roku for me.  Not entirely sure what Roku is, but it's a streaming service that will allow me to see Discover+, which I subscribe to, on the TV instead of having to watch it on my computer.

It not only gets Discover+ but a bunch of other things I can't get otherwise and I am even able to finally get HBO, which has frustrated me that DISH doesn't carry.  It seems that whenever someone gives an interview about this exciting thing they are doing, 90% of the time it is on HBO and I can't see it.

I saw Hugh Grant interviewed about the series, The Undoing, that he is in on HBO.

It's another of those "damn...why is it on HBO???" situations, but now I can watch it.  I can also catch up on Barry, which Ned recommends and a few other things I've seen advertised on HBO that I was sorry I could not see. 

I can also see The United States vs. Billie Holiday, which is on Hulu, which I also get thru Roku.

Yesterday I finished all the letters I had to answer and there was no mail for me...and no mail for me today either, so maybe I will spend time playing around with the new Roku.



From Bri's trip to Tahoe for her birthday last year


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