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28 March 2021

Ack!  I accidentally deleted a comment from Songbird yesterday.  I'm sorry!  But I agree...we should!


From Food Questions




1. How often do you make food and eat it?
Every day.  Ned and I take turns cooking dinner.  We all usually make our own breakfast, but occasionally I will make something like banana bread or pancakes.  Once in a great while we will order something to pick up for dinner.

2. Do you consider toasting bread, preparing instant noodles, or boiling an egg to be cooking? Why or why not?
Sure.  You are taking some substance, adding a heat source to make it edible.  Isn't that cooking?  It may not be fancy cooking, but still cooking.

3. What’s your favorite dish to make?
I enjoy making quiche.  Not sure it's my favorite, but it's one thing I enjoy making.

4. Cooking or baking: what’s more fun? What’s more difficult?
Baking is definitely more fun. I like baking but don't do it much because I'm usually the one who eats the things that I bake.  It depends on what you are baking or cooking which is more difficult. 

5. Who did most of the cooking in your house when you were growing up?
My mother.  My father made a meal now and then, but my mother did 99% of the cooking, unless we got Chinese food or a pizza.

6. How have you learned the cooking skills that you have?
My mother was such a perfectionist, she never taught me how to cook.  I pretty much taught myself.  When I was in college, I cooked dinner most nights for the guys who lived in the house where Walt was living.  I learned a lot about cooking there (e.g., you can't thaw a turkey in a couple of hours!)  I cooked a lot of breast of lamb because it was 25 cents a pound at that time.

7. Have you ever taken a cooking course? If so, what did you learn? If not, would you like to do one? What would you like to learn?
I took two series of classes in Chinese cooking from Martin Yan, before he got his television show. I was a pretty good Chinese cook at one time.  I also took cake decorating classes.

8. Have you tried cooking food from another culture? What did you prepare? How was it?
I cook lots of international food.  We eat a lot of Mexican, Italian and Chinese.  I cook Indian now and then, and other foods if I find a recipe that looks interesting. I'm pretty much not afraid to try anything.

9. Is it cost-effective to do your own cooking? Can you save money by cooking?
Oh definitely.  When I think about ordering something from a restaurant and look at the cost and realize that I could make that food for a fraction of the cost, I just go home and make it.

10. Would you rather do the cooking or do the washing up afterwards?
Definitely do the cooking.  I am very lucky that Walt does the clean up after dinner and Ned cleans up after me when I am in the middle of cooking!  I am a messy cook.

11. Do you use recipes to cook? If so, where do you get the best recipes? Do you get them from friends, family, online, or from cookbooks?
I use a lot of recipes.  I get ideas from TV, from the FoodNetwork magazine and doing Google searches on the ingredients I have on hand.  I used to have a real cookbook library, but once I started using on-line recipes, I donated most of my cookbooks to Logos Books.

12. Have you ever tried to prepare some food and just totally ruined it? What happened?
Sure.  I remember one time I was going to make dinner for my boss, whose favorite food was hamburgers. I burned them so badly he had to go find food somewhere else.

13. Do you prefer cooking at home or eating out at a restaurant? Why?
I prefer eating out because I don't have to do any of the work, but we don't do it often because of the cost.

14. Is cooking a social activity for you? Do you like to do it with other people, or do your prefer to do it alone?
Pretty much I prefer to do it alone.  Ned and I sometimes cook together, but mostly we each cook alone.

15. Do you have a lot of cooking equipment? How often do you use it all? Do you have any pieces of equipment that you rarely ever use?
Between Ned and Marta and me, we have a LOT of cooking equipment and we use most of it often.  The things that get used the least are the bread machine and the deep fryer. The blender and the Instant Pot probably get used the most.



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