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25 March 2021

I last saw my mother a little over a year ago, in March 2020.  Now that she has been immunized and my immunization was more than two weeks ago and Ned has been tested and found negative every week, we went to see her today. I was sad to learn that Jeannie, the other resident I knew at Eldervilla, died a week ago.  When we first moved my mother in there, Jeannie sang "Show Me the Way to Go Home" almost all the time, but as her health deteriorated, she didn't sing it any more.

 I wondered what a difference I would see in my mother.  For one thing she doesn't walk any more so is in the wheelchair all the time.

I can't remember the last time when she did NOT have her arms crossed across her chest.  This predates her coming to Eldervilla.  In body language, this is a sign of defensiveness and this has been her body language for years.

She didn't have a clue who I was and didn't know she had a daughter.  She didn't want to look at me and at one point she indicated that I should leave so she could talk with Ned.  Ned is so good with her.  He actually gets her to talk--it doesn't make any sense what she says, but at least she's not just looking down and being silent.

She wasn't interested in me, but I did have my picture taken with her.

There was a brief moment when she actually looked at me and talked (tho made no sense) and I had the feeling that maybe she was thinking that I did, after all, look familiar.

Sandy, the guy who runs the place says there are only 4 people there now and he's not looking for anyone else right now. 

He says she eats very little, but they manage to get her to eat a couple of eggs a day.  He says she can read things on TV and she reads my letters, so I will continue to write to her regularly.  I write a paragraph, in large type, and make the language very simple.  He says Jeri calls every week and  my mother doesn't know how to talk on the phone, but when Jeri says something to her, she replies to Sandy.  I wanted to tell her that Brianna will be 13 next week, but she doesn't know she has great grandchildren.  She hasn't known that for many years.

It was good to see the dogs, Simba and Nala, again.

We stayed about an hour and we will now visit on a regular basis again, though perhaps "visit" is not quite the right word here.



I did manage to catch a smile, when Ned was chatting with her.


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