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23 March 2021

It's happened again.  A second mass shooting in two weeks.  When will America take gun control & reforms seriously. Where do we draw the line? Were the school shootings not enough? The hate crimes? Are the two mass shootings in one week enough? Wondering when Congress will step up to the plate we elected them to.  You can't register to vote and vote on the same day in some states, but you can walk in, buy a gun and go shoot someone in the same hour.

We don't have any information about the Colorado shooting yet and it is very possible that any gun laws wouldn't have made any difference in this shooting...or, indeed, in the shooting of the Asian women last week.  But in an era when violence is rising, hate crimes are escalating,  and murder seems to be less and less shocking, why are there NO laws Republicans will support which do anything about regulating gun sales.

An August 2019 Fox News poll of registered voters found 90% of respondents favored universal background checks, 81% supported taking guns from at-risk individuals, and 67% favored banning assault weapons.  Republican congressmen are not among those numbers.

What will it take for the people who represent us to actually take seriously regulation of gun sales?

I found this picture in a box yesterday.

I don't know in what year Jeri drew thisWe hosted some 70 people over 10 years and there aren't nearly that many in this picture, but I love the inclusion of all the visitors we had up to this date (including Curtiss, from the Experiment in International Living, who arranged for many of these people to stay with us).  This also includes 2 dogs, a cat and a rabbit.

There are at least eleven Brasilians in this picture, which  explains why most of the people with whom we are still in relationship with are from Brasil.  Eduardo, our very first foreign student, has lived in Canada for many years with his wife and daughter.  Sonia, from Sao Paulo, married a guy from Davis and they live in Napa.  I was her matron of honor at her wedding and we watched their two children grow up.  Marcio, who was here in 1983, showed up two Christmases ago with his wife, on their second honeymoon.  Nelson has communicated with Jeri to find someone at Berklee College of Music who might want to do some sort of music program with a group from Brasil.  And Ned, of course, spent a year in Rio de Janeiro with Eduardo's family when he was 14.  Tom spent a summer in Sao Paulo.

Jeri spent 6 weeks with Suzanne's family in Germany after Suzanne spent six weeks here.

Three people in this list are from what was then Zaire (now Congo).  Ndangi stayed with us for awhile and when he left, he asked if his "cousin" could spend time here.  Turned out it was not his cousin, but a guy and his wife, Damar and Gabby, who were perhaps two of the least pleasant people to stay with us, but Ndangi's real cousin, Victor, who stayed with us later became such a good friend that he showed up years later to attend David's memorial service. He and David became very close when David and his friend decided to teach Victor how to speak English.

Jane was from England and we became such friends that we are still in contact.  We saw her every year when she came to the US on business and we visited her in England.  In fact, she made arrangements for us t o see Phantom of the Opera in 1988, after Jeri's graduation from UC Santa Barbara.  A few years ago, when she was Jane's age when she first stayed here, her daughter spent two summers with us while she attended classes at UC Davis.

Chieko came from Japan and was here for Christmas with Ndangi from Zaire.  Both of them came back the next two Christmases.  We have lost contact with both of them, but I occasionally hear from Chieko's friend Hitomi.

I love that we have all these memories of people from around the world.  I look at the hatred that is shown to Asians, Latins, and Blacks and can't understand how people can form such hatred of whole groups of people just because they are different.  We found so many wonderful people from all sorts of countries and our kids had a much different upbringing than a lot of other kids did.


Chinese dinner with Brasilians


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