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18 March 2021

Well, we celebrated St. Patrick's day in fine fettle.

We all wore something green.  For me it was a blue-green shirt and green earrings.

My soda bread was delicious and I cooked corned beef in Guinness.  We heard from Alice Nan that they had Guinness and all dressed in green.

I read this morning that St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival, especially Newfoundland, Labrador, Canada, Brasil, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand because the Irish have spread out so much.

I remember it as being a religious feast day when I was in Catholic school and apparently it is the day when Lenten restrictions on food and liquor are lifted, which is why so much alcohol is consumed on this day!

I have been reading a lot about Cathy Speck on Facebook the past two days.  Apparently she is with Hospice and is not expected to live.

I have been aware of Cathy for many years and have attended a few social events (mostly singing Christmas carols at senior centers)  that she arranged.  She is an amazing woman, so amazing that I can't begin to describe her so I will link to this wonderful article that was written about her recently in Sactown Magazine, and hope that you read it.  The article explains how Speck shows us all how to live like you were dying, while loving every precious minute of it.

I first became aware of her when she and her eventual wife performed at the annual Gay Pride event here in Davis, as DuvalSpeck.

She was diagnosed in 2009 with ALS, a disease that killed her mother and two brothers.  She was recently also diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Yet she is determined to make the most out of her life.  Nearly 11 years after learning she had ALS—a feat unto itself since only 10 percent survive a decade after diagnosis—Speck is legendary on her home turf in Davis, a one-woman argument for carpe diem. Nicknamed the Queen of Happiness, she can often be seen riding unhurriedly around town on her spangling red trike like a festive three-wheeled motorcade of joy. Festooned with rainbow flags, colorful pinwheels, flower spinners, Chinese lanterns, sparkly lights and a stuffed monkey, Speck’s presentation is unconventional, if not downright eccentric. She views the decorations as fun—a way to break down barriers, make people grin and push out her message of positivity.

The messages on Facebook make you realize what a special person she is.

When Jack was a toddler we lived downtown in a little blue cottage and almost every day we would see Cathy ride by on her fabulous bike. She would stop (every time) so Jack could toot her horn and when she found out he loved dinosaurs she would magically pull out a teeny tiny Dino from somewhere on that bike, a different one each time. Her shining soul and spirit permeates this town.. rest easy gentle soul, you are surrounded in love and light.

Thank you Cathy, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your heart and soul with me during our many conversations. You are such an inspiration to everyone who knows you. You display a tremendous amount of courage and strength that few could gather in the face of such an unrelenting disease. Your grace, upbeat attitude, and sense of humor have touched me to the core. I am better for having known you. May you fly with the angels and enjoy every moment with your new set of wings...

She is joy personified. We can all learn from her.

My thoughts with her in these moments — as her thoughts were so frequently with everyone else.

She’s close to the end now, but filled with a deep faith and surrounded by loving family and friends. I will miss her happy smile brightening up our sanctuary and Davis streets.

She’s made of love, music and steel. The world would be better if it was more like Cathy.

Cathy Speck is one of the greatest human beings God has ever put on this earth. She has taught us love and compassion and kindness and true friendship. Thinking of her today, in hospice, and praying for her and everyone whose lives she has touched. May God Bless us all.

thinking of Cathy often means thinking about Cathy's talents as a musician, activist, and instigator of good times––including good times that combine music, activism, and building community.

Such an amazing spirit. Such an amazing soul. So happy and positive. Loved her at her co-op days. Her music was beyond fantastic. Honked at her every time I would see her with Maizie on her bike.

She has shown us all how to live our lives joyously

This is a long overdue appreciation post for one of the most selfless, loving, caring, kind, thoughtful, funny, and supportive people I know! I’ve been fortunate enough to share so many great memories with Cathy since 2013... ALS walks, Speck Tournaments, bball games, concerts, bday parties, the list goes on! I am forever grateful for having her a part of the Davis High Girls Basketball program, and my life! Cathy, I can’t thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown us over the years. I love you, Cathy. Keep fighting, we have some basketball to play soon and you’re our #1 fan!

My heart is aching tonight! Proud to call you my friend! You’re the queen of laughter and love.

What wonderful memories for people to have of you.  This is a woman who has made a huge difference in her life and the lives of all around her.




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