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12 March 2021

On  this date a year ago, I wrote, in an entry titled "Self-Quarantine":

I'm sure that within two weeks I will be relaxing my self-imposed quarantine, and probably should not.  But if Italy is any any indication things in this country could be vastly different than they are right now.

I sure never thought that a year later I would still be quarantining!  Now that I've had both vaccines, I could go out more comfortably, wearing a mask, but I'm so used to staying in the house, and Ned and Walt are so accustomed to running errands it's just easier to stay inside.  I guess the introvert in me has come to enjoy being quarantined.

But...hey...I have my new mask!  I need to find someplace to wear it!

It was so nice hearing Biden last night, telling as much as he knew about the virus, telling what he is going to do, letting people know that everyone will be able to be vaccinated by May 1, talking about CDC recommendations and doctor comments. 

It was especially nice to hear his condolences to those who had lost loved ones.  So very, very different from #45.

I'm sitting here eating an English muffin and drinking coffee.  We buy English muffins in bulk so I usually have one a day, sometimes witwh cereal, sometimes by itself.

When I was growing up, we had cereal for breakfast most days, sometimes with toast.  Occasionally we would have hockies -- going to the local bakery to get a pound of bread dough, which my mother would tear into pieces and fry up for us to have, dripping with butter.  Or she might make pancakes or waffles.  We usually all ate breakfast together at the kitchen table, unless my father was out of town, which he often was.

But Sundays were special.  On Sundays we went to mass at 9 a.m. at St. Brigid Church.

In October 2005, the Archdiocese sold the church to the Academy of Art University, who wanted to demolish the church, but a committee managed to get the destruction overturned and now I think it is being used as an art school.

Anyway, after Mass, we would drive my grandparents home and then come back  to our house for our Sunday breakfast.  My mother always made bacon (she never made sausage--I didn't have sausage until I spent the night at a friend's house.  I loved sausage and made arrangements to spend the night at her house as often as I could so I could have sausage.)

But my mother made sausage and scrambled eggs, and I was in charge of English muffins, which we only had on Sunday.

You had to tear the muffins apart, not cut them, to keep the peaks of the muffin standing up.

I would butter them and  then put them in t he broiler, so we got our muffins with melted butter broiled into them.  Yum.  Now I put the pieces in the toaster and butter them after they are toasted.  They don't taste the same, but are still tasty...an I get to have them every day.




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