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5 March 2021

I woke up this morning, after sleeping, off and on, for about 12 hours, and felt normal.

Boy, if this gives you a hint of what it's like to have Covid, I'm very glad that I got the vaccine!  I haven't been sick in years, but the day after the vaccine, I woke up feeling like I had the flu.  I never got a fever, but I had a headache, muscle aches and the worst was just feeling completely weak.  I had to use my cane to walk around the house because my balance was off.

I didn't feel hungry at all.  I took a bowl of Cheerios around 11 and then Ned fixed me a bowl of chicken noodle soup around 6. 

I don't know how many "naps" I took, but I would wake up, come out to the family room, turn on the TV -- and in the beginning, I kept the sound off because the sound bothered me, but I read the captioning.  Then after half an hour to an hour, I'd go back into the living room, get back on the couch again and sleep another 1-2 hours.

I went to sleep at 7, before Jeopardy! and woke up at 11, watched Jeopardy!, went back to sleep and slept until 4.  Watched Cobert, went back to sleep until 7 and then fed Polly. 

I've heard other people who have a response after the vaccine complain about the weakness being the worst, and it was.  When I woke up this morning I didn't even need to try to stand up to know that the weakness was gone.

So I definitely feel inoculated

Yesterday morning I was surprised to see that there were only 3 oranges left in the box.  I hadn't seen the squirrel take any out of the box, but obviously she has been.  After one of my naps when I looked outside, the box was gone and only one orange was left where the box had been.

After another nap, I looked outside and the orange was in the middle of the patio, with some bites take out of it.  This morning it's gone.

So all of our oranges are gone now and I guess we are back to feeding the squirrel peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Today it's back to normal, checking to see what didn't get done yesterday.  For one thing there are a bunch of letters to be answered:







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