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1 March 2021

Walt woke up the morning after his birthday, staggered downstairs, and said "It's harder being 81 than it was being 80."  I remember when 80 seemed old, but now that I'm 78, it doesn't seem so bad.

Walt had a nice, if quiet birthday.  Having little imagination since I wasn't going out anywhere, I bought him several sheets of postage stamps in interesting designs (the package I thought the Post Office lost) for a gift.

I spent the morning baking a lemon meringue pie, since Walt doesn't really like cake and he loves lemon meringue pie.

In truth it was not my best effort...maybe I'm losing my touch...but it looked OK and tasted OK; I just knew that I had made stupid mistakes that I was able to cover up.

At 5 we had a Zoom call from all of the family and a few others.

By way of ID, top left is Walt's brother Norm and wife Olivia in Petaluma, CA, then Walt and me, then his cousin Gerald and his wife Melissa in North Carolina, and finally Ned, who kept the computer in the kitchen as he cooked.

Middle row Walt's sister and her husband (who won't shave his beard until he can play golf again) in Santa Barbara, then Char in the SF Bay Area, Jeri in Boston, and her godmother, the other Jeri in Arizona.

Next, Walt's cousin Bonnie and her daughter Stacie (Stacie is the one who posted the photo of herself with Cloris Leachman the other day) in Maryland; Marta, Tom, and one of the grandkids--I think it's Lacie--in Santa Barbara.

Bottom row: Tim (Char's son) and Walt's cousin Ernie and his wife Lucille, both Tim and Ernie are in Maryland.

The Zoom lasted two hours and there was lots of laughter and, since Walt and his siblings, and all of his cousins went to the same schools in Maryland, there was a lot of reminiscing about school and friends, which always takes place when this group gets together.

At 7 we called halt to the Zoom because Ned had finished cooking dinner.

Filet mignon, which he had sous vide-ed, fresh green beans with garlic and almonds, baked potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms.  Everything was delicious and then, of course, when dinner was over, it was time to cut the pie.

After Jeopardy!, the birthday boy headed off to bed to prepare to start his 81st year.

All in all, I hope he had a good day.


Grandpa David Gerrold


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