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12 January 2021

One of the local news shows did a 2 minute special on James, which is pretty interesting, if you'd like to watch it.

I can't tell if I'm having less or more sleep this week.  My neck and shoulders have started aching and trying to find a comfortable sleeping position (sitting in recliner with or without neck pillow, reclining in recliner, left side on couch, right side on couch, with or without TV on).   I think that somehow I'm getting more sleep, but I still take my 1-2 hour nap around noontime.

Sleep as a topic on this journal entry is so boring!  But as I sit here trying to hold my head in a position that doesn't hurt it's the only thing I can think of.

It's become a combination of the neck ache and the news from DC.  The more they investigate the more it becomes clear that this was planned for weeks and that perhaps some of the capitol police were involved.  They have found molitov cocktails in cars of people who were there (one man had 11 of them plus a cache of firearms including an automatic weapon).  There are now threats that every state capitol will be attacked between now and the 20th and they have said they will be there with ammunition for the inauguration.

What do these guys want???  They were chanting about hanging Pelosi and Pence.  Hang Pence?  Isn't he one of their guys?

Watching film of the capitol police taking selfies with the rioters and opening some of doors for them.  Watching a traitor beating a police officer with an American flag.  It's just all so incredible.

What would they have liked to happen, after they stole things from offices and destroyed the building?  All this to keep #45 in office? .... and have him reassure them that he loves them?

I finally got an answer from someone about why he likes Trump.  I have asked this of many people and the answer I always get is that they hate Biden.  This was an intelligent, calm, and reasonable list, just reasons I find it hard to accept.

He likes that Trump promised to run the country like a business, fighting against business as usual in DC.  "He never said elect me and I will transform into a career politician."  The writer does not mention how he feels about the money that Trump is earning by using his presidency to earn money for his private businesses.

He likes that Trump supports the rights of unborn children, but doesn't mention the hundreds of children of all ages ripped from their mothers arms and sent across the country with no way to reunite them again.  I have written to ask him if he supports the rights of born children.

I am ProAmerica and so is our president.  He doesn't go around the world apologizing for America lilke President Obama did but strives to make us a great nation by negotiating better trade deals with foreign nations and seeing that they as a nation get the best deal possible.

He doesn't mention that all of our friendly nations now hate us and that the foreign nations he works with are Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, etc.  He doesn't mention that every terrible thing that those nations do he ignores (biggest computer hack in the history of the country, and he doesn't even mention it, much less hit Russia on the wrist for it; American reporter murdered and dismembered and he doesn't mention it to Saudi Arabia)

He ends with "President Trump is unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ,.  He stands for freedom to worship, freedom to speak truth, and freedom to say "Merry Christmas."  He has confessed Jesus in public and does not shy away from it."

Does that sound like the president you know?  Has he ever been to church?  Does he not remember that Obama wished people merry Christmas? 

Is sending troops to clear peaceful protesters away so he can hold up a bible upside down in front of a church he never attends (whose minister was upset to find him there) supportive of free speech?

At least he did give me his reasons for which nobody else has done.  I have to give him credit for that.  It will be interesting to see if we continue our correspondence.  We have agreed that if we do it will not include anything political.


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