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26 February 2021

We now have a real throne in our bathroom.

Ned and Marta convinced Walt to get this for our respective birthdays (Walt's birthday is today).

This is the remote that hangs on the  wall next to the toilet.  The top button brings warm water to your anus; the second button washes more the front (for women) and the third button is air that blows your bottom dry.

We haven't been able to figure out what the bottom button is for yet.

It's a modern  bidet and it's wonderful.  Makes me want to drink a lot of water so I can go to the bathroom again!

I definitely feel very high class, and I think of our Compassion kids who don't have an indoor toilet and it makes me feel a little guilty ... but not very.  It's too comfortable.

Ned has gotten me interested in Netflix's Away, the story of the first trip to Mars.  Hillary Swank plays the captain of the 5-person cast of astronauts from various countries, including Russia and China, neither of whom think Swank should be captain.

Before they take off for their 7-month trip to Mars, we get a picture of Swank's family life, her husband, who should be the captain, but whose medical problems prevent him from taking the job, and their pre-teen daughter, who is much too knowledgeable about all the technical stuff.

Within days after the space ship lifts off on its way to the moon, and from there to Mars, Swank's husband has a stroke and is hospitalized.  The family stay in contact with Zoom like calls.

This is not a show I would ever binge watch.  Ever.

My god, in the second episode the ship has a problem that requires a space walk by Swank and the Russian guy who thinks he should be captain.  The episode is so tense that I was exhausted by the end of it.  The only thing that kept me going was knowing that there are several more episodes in the series, so they aren't going to write anybody out of the script in the second episode.

But this is an excellent show and I was very disappointed, when looking for a photo to include here, to learn that despite its popularity, the show has been canceled and there will be no Season 2.  For one thing, apparently, the cost is astronomical.  But we'll never learn if there is life on Mars.



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