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25 February 2021

[The stamps arrived...finally.  I'm so glad I don't have to do battle with the USPS.]

I gave up $2 million yesterday.  I had a call from Publisher's Clearing House, saying that I had won $2 million.  When I explained I had never done anything with Publisher's Clearing House, the guy said maybe I had done it years before and when I said no, he said that it was a "random name draw" and they had drawn my name and I had won not onlly $2 million but "a shiny new car." 

I'm sorry, but unless Al Roker shows up with flowers, balloons and a TV crew, I'm not going to believe I actually won an award.

It's interesting that in all the photos I saw of Publishers Clearing House winners on Google, not a single one won $2 million.  $1 million, $10 million or more, but none won $2 million.  The other hint that maybe this was not a real call was that the phone ID was a Davis number.  But...oh well...

The day before, I had a call from my grandson George.  You may be surprised that I have never mentioned him, but that's because I don't have a grandson.  This was an adult voice who said that he had been in an auto accident and was in the hospital.  I didn't wait for him to tell me why he wanted me to send him money.  I am kind of disappointed that I didn't keep him on line longer.  I should have asked why he didn't call his parents, but I didn't think of it. 

My mother once got a call from "Tom," who said he had been gambling on line and was afraid to tell his parents and could she help him and send him some money.  Fortunately, she called me to tell me about it before sending him money and I called Tom who, of course, does not gamble on line.  We called the police and when "Tom" called back to give my mother information about where she should send money, the police officer talked with him.

What is weird is that about 10 minutes after my call from George I had another call from the same phone number.  Sadly, I hit the wrong button on the phone, so don't know if it was George again or not.

I get calls from Google telling me that there is a problem with my Google business listing and that they have tried to reach me several times (I've been getting this message for over a year).  Of course, I don't have a business listed anywhere. 

I usually hang up on these calls as soon as I hear the recording, but I recently listened to one all the way through.   This was a message saying that my doctor had recommended I get an alert system because I'm old and if I fell, I might not have anybody to find me.  At the end of the message it says that if I want to be removed from the list, I should press 9. 

Now, whenever I get a recorded message from anyone, I just press 9 before I hang up and I think that I'm not getting as many robo calls any more.  I still get the recording that there is a problem with the warranty on my car.

It's shame, though, how many older people fall for these schemes.  I just read about a woman who followed through on the $2 million win and had to open a new bank account so they could deposit her check.  She lost a lot of money and how do they find out who has cheated her?  Older people who are new to computers are very vulnerable.  I am not one of them.




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