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22 February 2021

I woke up with a sore throat the other day.  I haven't had a sore throat in I can't remember when.  My mouth was very, very dry (my dentist says I have a dry mouth because my glands don't produce enough saliva, which causes cavities).  I thought the throat was because of how dry my mouth and throat were, but drinking water didn't help.

In fact, I had a very sore throat all day.  It was difficult to eat or drink anything.  I even went to Google to check and see if sore throat is one of the symptoms of Covid -- and it is.  there are people with mild cases of Covid who only have a sore throat.  I thought wouldn't it be ironic if I, the only person in this house who doesn't go out, came down with Covid!

I made an appointment to get tested.  Davis is trying to encourage everyone in town to be tested twice a week and I had not been tested yet.  They are testing people at the Veteran's Memorial Center, which is just a couple of blocks from here and Ned, who has been tested there a few times, tells me there is no line.

I can't walk that far, so Walt drove me and came in with me while I registered.  I was so grateful he was there.

When I went to do the test, spitting into a tube, the woman who was administering it had on a mask and a face shield over it and was behind a plastic barrier with just a small opening so she could hand me the things I needed to have.  Plus there were several other people in the room, which echoes, and since I am hard of hearing and didn't have my hearing aids in, I couldn't understand a word she said, so Walt had to translate everything.  I felt like a real idiot.

She gave me instructions for how to put a little water in my mouth and then carefully spit into the collection tube.  But, as I said, I have a dry mouth.  It must have taken me 10 times to spit and get enough to fill up the tube. 

But I eventually got it filled and came on home.  I was pleased two days later to find out I was negative.  My sore throat had only lasted a day.

At least next time I go to be tested, I'll know what I'm doing...and I'll remember to wear my hearing aids.

Tom and his family have a time share on Maui and have been there this past week.  Laurel has posted some beautiful photos of  the girls, as you have seen.

The thing about Covid is that kids don't get time off from school.  There are no "snow days" or taking a couple of days off for a vacation.  You bring your school with you, so the girls have been having their Zoom classes in Hawaii.

Today, they are on their way home and Tom sent this picture, taken at the San Francisco airport, while they are waiting for their connecting flight to Santa Barbara.



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