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12 February 2021

It is 3 a.m. and I woke up with this as an ear worm.

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty five thousand moments so dear
Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes
How do you measure? Measure a year?

It's from Rent, "Seasons of Love."  I've actually had it in my head for most of all yesterday.  I don't know why.  I haven't seen Rent or heard the song in a long time..

When I turn 78 next week, I will have lived 14,771,988 minutes.

It is depressing to think how many of those minutes have been spent thinking about the former president, from his candidacy through his 4 years in office, and now his 2nd impeachment.  I probably don't think of my grandchildren as much as I have thought of this man.

After the prosecutors' two days of speeches, I was convinced that nobody could possibly vote anyway but "yes" to impeachment.  But the republicans didn't listen.  Many of them didn't sese any of the videos because they were reading something at their desks (feet up on the desk) or in the balcony. 

But Lindsey Graham called the presentation "offensive and absurd."   What was absurd--the murder of a police officer? the gouging of an eye of another? the loss of 3 fingers by yet another?  5 deaths?  What was offensive?  Reporting the crowd yelling "Hang Mike Pence" and putting up a scaffold and a noose? 

Kind of different from the Senator who wrote, before #45's election, "If we elect Trump we will get destroyed...and we will deserve it."  Well, we did and we have been and he does.  What does #45 have against this Senator to make him do a 180 to where he finds reporting on the riot "offensive and absurd."

So far today's defense seems to include every Democrat who ever suggested people should "fight" for something (they played films with the word "fight" in them 238 times!)  Also included a tweet where #45 tells the rioters they should be peaceful.  You could barely see that this was sent two hours after the rioting began.

I'm finding this very depressing.

But, hey, when things are depressing on TV, there is always a squirrel.  Polly has started going to the door when the squirrel comes and then, if I don't get up to get her a peanut, barking once to let me know she is ther.e

If I am slow getting up, the squirrel just climbs up the screen door to stare at me!

But the strange new thing that is happening is that in December, I bought a crate of oranges, which I do every year.  I put as many as I could in the refrigerator and kept the rest in a box outside.  Two days ago, Ned found an empty orange peel in the yard, scraped clean of fruit.  I haven't seen the squirrel remove an orange from the box (which I would love to see!) but yesterday I saw an orange on the patio....and  then later, saw the squirrel eating at it.  When I got up this morning, the orange was gone.  I now have room in the fridge for more oranges, but I'm feeling bad about removing the box of oranges!




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