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9 February 2021

I did a weird thing yesterday.

I have mild seasonal allergies, but the symptoms only show up in the first couple of hours of the morning and otherwise, other than a cough all day long, I'm fine.  My symptoms are a few big sneezes and then I'm finished

Yesterday morning, I had a big sneeze, but at the same time I also had a belch and the two activities clashed.  It felt like when you twist your ankle and have a stinging pain running up your leg.

My abdomen had a very sharp pain, and the resulting ache lasted the rest of the day.

I sat with a hot pad on it and that helped a bit.

It was my night to cook dinner and I chose a recipe that took almost no effort on the cook's part, but Ned took a look at me and asked if I wanted him to cook it.  He did and I was able to go back to the recliner with the hot pad.

Walt and I watched Jeopardy! and I  watched the first few minutes of Wheel of Fortune but fell asleep.  I woke up at 8 and stumbled into the living room to collapse on the couch.  I expected to wake up at 11, but woke up at 1:45.

I watched Colbert, Bull and Kids Baking Championship but was feeling sleepy when that show ended so I went back to the couch and fell asleep again at 4 and slept until 7:30. an unusually long night of sleep for me.

I'm feeling better this morning but my abdominal muscles still aren't feeling all that great, especially with the morning sneezes, and since today is the first day of the impeachment hearings, I'm going to go back to the recliner with the heat pad and rest for the day.  I probably won't take a walk, especially since Ned is recording his show this morning.

So...sorry for a short entry, but my abdomen took up my whole attention yesterday and I'm being gentle with it today.



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