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8 February 2021

I remember the "good old days" of the internet.  I remember when if I needed someone's address, I could go to the White Pages site, put in the name and I'd get the address and phone number.  You can't do that now.  If you want someone's address you have to pay to get his entire history, including public records and criminal history.  I don't want all that.  I just want to know where to send a birthday card.

The longer the internet exists, the more ways people find to make money off of simple things.  I used to post photos to Flickr for free, then they started charging (which seems reasonable),  then if you didn't pay $XX a year, your pictures would be eliminated.  I have been posting photos to Flickr since 2000 and if I don't pay the yearly fee, I would lose my entire photographic history.

Now it's television.  Suddenly all of the TV channels seem to have a "plus," where all the "good" stuff is.  If you don't pay for the plus, you just see regular stuff, but the good stuff goes into plus.  I did a Google search and it told me here are 160 plus channels.  There's CBS plus, NBC plus, Disney plus, Amazon plus, Discovery plus.  The "plus" fees aren't all that much -- $5-$10 -- but it's possible to spend an awful lot of money just to see stuff on plus.

It seems that most of the things that attract me that I'd like to see are on a plus channel, or on HBO (which we can't get on Dish).

Even Peacock, which advertised for months about how everything would be FREE is now a year or so old and has started a plus.

I have resigned myself to never seeing the plus stuff and that's ok--there is certainly enough on television to occupy me without paying extra for anything plus, but Discovery plus has been advertising a lot.

I watch a lot of Discovery because I love things like animal shows and zoo shows and I was sad to learn that Season 3 of Crikey, the Irwins would be shown on Discovery Plus.  I have followed the story of Steve Irwin's family for two season and love watching the stories of their zoo.  Episode one of Season 3 was on the Discovery channel, but then  the rest of the season would be on plus.  At the end of the first episode they were waiting for the tiger to go into labor.  I wanted to see what she had and decided to pay for plus.  (She had triplets, very unusual for a tiger).

I watched her wedding, I want to see when Bindi Irwin has her baby. 

There are other things on Discovery plus that I'm interested in seeing -- an elephant special, for example, and Bobby Flay & Giada DiLaurentis' trip together to Italy.

Ned is a big fan of Deadliest Catch,  the show about catching crabs

But it too is now going to Discover Plus, so I think my $5/month to watch my shows on my computer will be well spent (if I wanted to watch them without commercials, I could pay $9).  I can't watch them on our television because there doesn't seem to be a way to add Plus to our Dish network, but I can watch them on my computer which, now that I have a good sound system, is just as good as the TV, without the recliner.

But, Jeez, you could run yourself into the poor house just paying these "little fees" so you can see the "good" stuff that they continue to advertise on all of the plus channels!

We had such fun yesterday when Jane and Caroline from Guernsey called on FaceTime.  Both Jane and her daughter have lived here over the years and it was nice to catch up on what they are doing. 

I wonder when we are going to have to start paying extra to use FaceTime.....



I suddenly have a craving for crab

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