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5 February 2021

After a year of no trips to Sacramento, I went there for a second time today.

The day started with a short walk.  I have decided that since my only exercise this past year has been walking from this desk to the refrigerator and back again that I need to get some walking in.  Exercise in any form is not my thing, but I am aware that my legs are getting weaker, so I got the walker and went for a walk. 

I have a cane, but when I use the cane, somehow my body must do something weird because my back starts to ache, but that doesn't happen with the walker.

It wasn't a long  walk, by any stretch of the imagination.  Ned went with me and we walked from the house here to the end of the block, around the cul de sac and back to the house.  My plan is to do that every day and ultimately start walking farther.  It ain't much, but it's more than I've done for a year.

When we got home, I put out my mail for the day, and attached a "thank you" note to the mail carrier, since today is thank a mail carrier day.

Then we drove to Sacramento. My doctor wanted me to have a special photo of my eyes because of my diabetes.  More walking!  I was supposed to register at station 2A, which was half a hallway from the elevator but it was closed, so I had to register at station 2B, which  was halfway from the elevator in the other direction.  Probably the distance walked at Kaiser was the distance I walked this morning.  Double exercise!

This is the camera they used to photograph my eyes

Ned sat outside the exam area with my camera.  They had to dilate my pupils and I had to wait 10 minutes with no camera, so I snuck down the hall and got it from him so I could take this.

When the appointment was over, Ned was hungry so we stopped at a place that sells pot stickers and he got a bunch for us to have driving back to Davis.  Then it was time for my nap.  I always take a nap in the middle of the day and they say that when you get the vaccine it may make you sleepy, which is perhaps why I slept quite a bit longer than I do normally.

Today is David's birthday.  He would have been 49.  In "celebration," I made Kraft dinner for dinner -- his favorite meal.  Jeri made mac 'n' cheese too, but hers was a bit fancier.

Walt's sister went out to a restaurant for dinner and was disappointed that mac 'n' cheese was not on the menu.  David and Paul may be gone, but we remember them in all sorts of ways all the time.


Today is thank your mailman day

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