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4 February 2021
(Happy birthday, David)

We've been hearing all sorts of horror stories about the difficulties getting the corona vaccine.  Mostly about people waiting on line for literally hours trying to get an appointment.  Or driving long distances in order to get it when they finally are able to get an appointment, so we have kind of been putting off trying to make an appointment.  I heard of one person who sat on hold for four hours the first day and then was disconnected and sat on line for three hours the next day before getting an appointment 100 miles away.

I would have been more worried if I had been out of the house much in the past year, but since I've mostly been home, I wasn't.  Walt goes out every day, but he rides his bike and doesn't come in contact with people most of the time.

Today I had my doctor's appointment on line.  Walt had his appointment last week.  It's so weird having your annual exam on line!  We couldn't get a blood pressure using the machine Walt bought (my arm is too big), so I had to call the dentist's office to see what my bp had been when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

But while I was talking  to the doctor, she said that they just let her know that they had room for people to get the vaccine at the Kaiser shot clinic in Sacramento and did  we want to get our vaccine today.  We definitely did!  While I was talking to her, she made appointments for us.

Ned drove us to Sacramento and we got to Cal Expo 5 minutes before our appointment.  I realized that the very last time we were in Sacramento was almost a year ago, March 6, when I reviewed my last touring Broadway show.  A whole year not going to Sacramento!

Ned dropped us off at the door and parked the car.  The place was huge but seemed almost empty.  They were giving away masks, buttons and all sorts of literature.

We were signed in immediately and got our shots a couple of minutes later.

Ned was there to take pictures, of course.

(can't have the volunteers in the photo)

I had heard complaints about the shot.  I never mind shots so I wasn't concerned, but was surprised that it was like the flu shot--I didn't feel the needle when she stuck me.  Not only zero pain, zero feeling.

After the shot, we sat and waited for 15 minutes to be sure there were no problems, then went outside where they had space for you to take selfies.

I sent off pictures to Jeri, Tom and Alice Nan and posted a picture on Facebook and we were home about an hour and a half after we left Davis.

We have our follow-up appointment on March 3 so I don't need to worry about that either.

I'm glad I didn't try to get an appointment somewhere.  This was so incredibly easy and now it's half done.



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