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3 February 2021

I discovered "A Month of Letters" on line.  Apparently I signed up to participate in 2014 and hadn't gone back to the site since then, so I decided to sign up again this year.  My membership is "pending" so I don't have all the information yet, but essentially you are agreeing to send something by mail every day during the month of February (which is apparently letter-writing-month).

Now it's kind of silly for me to sign up for something like this since I have sent something by mail just about every day for many months.  And if I don't send something today it's because I sent three things yesterday!

But I'm all for encouraging people to use the post office and communicate.  I keep seeing things on TV about how letter writing is a lost art...but not so you'd know it in my circle of acquaintances!

The rules for Month of Letters are that you are  to mail an item every day.  Write a post card, a letter, send a picture, a newspapercutting, or a fabric swatch, and write back to everyone who writes to you.  Piece o'cake.

The web site gives you February occasions, in case you are looking for some excuse to write something

1. Baked Alaska Day / Freedom Day
2. Ground Hog day / World Play your Ukulele day / Bubble gum Day / Tater Tot Day
3. Feed the Birds Day / The Day the Music Died*
4. Thank a Mail Carrier Day / Stuffed Mushroom Day / Homemade Soup Day
11. Make a Friend day / Int'l day of Women & Girls in Science / Inventors day /
     Don't Cry of Spilled Milk Day / White T-Shirt Day
12. Plum Pudding Day
14. Valentine's day / World Radio day / Cheddar Day / Tortellini Day
20. Love Your Pet day / Cherry Pie Day / Muffin Day  / World Day of Social Justice
21. Sticky Bun Day
22. Card Reading Day / Margarita Day / Cook a Sweet Potato Day
23. Banana Bread Day
24. Tortilla Chip Day / Open that Bottle Night

(Of course they left out the most important day, the 17th, which is my birthday.)

*For those who wonder why it's the Day the Music Died (though probably most people know), that's the day Buddy Holly, Ritichie Valens and "The Big Bopper" were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa.

Looking over that list makes me realize that you could almost plan your dinner by looking at the special days.

I got this cool font from Google today...

I made a graphic of it because if you don't have the font on your computer you won't see it if I type in it.   I can't type long letters using it because it takes up a lot of space.  A letter I wrote today which would be about 4 pages long was 7 pages using this font (so I changed it before printing it)




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