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1 February 2021

Our power is on and we have the internet again...and then the furnace blew up.  Well, it didn't exactly blow up, but the fire extinguisher upstairs went off and Ned and Walt discovered smoke coming out of the furnace.  They were unable to get it back on again, so in the morning a guy came out to examine it.  The part that is no longer working is on back order so he couldn't fix it right away and will be out either Monday orTuesday to get it fixed.

In the meantime, it's cold.  Fortunately this is California, so "cold" is a relative  term (it's 17 degrees in Boston, 62 degrees here!).  We're all wearing layers of clothing and when Ned and Marta were out of town, Marta bought me a wonderful water bottle.  Under 2 blankets with the water bottle filled with hot water, I was able to snuggle down and fall asleep.

There are two squirrels who seem to be active in the yard now.  One is very skittish and won't come near the door if he sees people inside and if you open the door to toss out a treat, he runs away and climbs a tree, to return when we have left the door.

The other squirrel is bold and demanding.  He comes to the door each day and looks inside to see if he can see humans.

If nobody gets up to get a treat for him right away, he tries to climb the frame of the door.  It's almost like he thinks if he reaches the handle of the door he can open it.

He has no fear of humans and has learned to take peanuts from someone's hand.

The squirrels continue to be great entertainment for all of us.




San Francisco City Hall, from Facebook


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