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September 29, 2020

Maybe I'm getting inspired by Marta, who gets packages from Amazon almost every day.  She doesn't keep everything, but if it isn't something she wants, she sends it back for a refund.  Most of my Amazon purchases are Kindle books, so I don't get actual packages.

I like books.  I like the feel of a book.  I like the smell of a book.  But I'm old and my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.  There are books that look interesting but all I have to do is check the first pate and I can tell that I won't be able to read it because the print is too small.  When I first got a Kindle, I read about 50-50, half real books and half on the Kindle, but now I find I almost always make the print size larger so I read most of my books on Kindle.

But my Kindle is dying.  I don't know how long I've had it, but it was one of the earlier ones--when they only had one kind of Kindle to buy.  It has served me well.  I have lots and lots and lots of books stored on the Kindle, and can take it with me wherever I want to go so I always have the book genre that I'm feeling like reading at any time.

I also have all of the "Outlander" books on my Kindle.

But my Kindle won't start.  It's been plugged in for 3 days and still no sign of starting, so I snuck onto Amazon just to take a peek at what it would cost if I were to buy a new one.  I could try to get what I have fixed, but...what the heck...let's see what new Kindles do.

Oh my!  First of all, they are backlit so you can read in the dark.  Second, the newest ones are waterproof.  True, I haven't had a water problem in all the years I've had a Kindle, but it's nice to know that this is a feature.

But the biggest feature is that Kindle now works with Audible.com.  Not only is my Kindle dying, but my iPad is too.  I have lots of audio books on my iPad and we listen to them in the car (remember going on car drives?)  Sometimes I can get it to work, sometimes I can't.  But the biggest problem is that the way you get your book from Audible.com to your iPad is by going through iTunes.  I don't really understand why you can't just move the file, but apparently there is some sort of application that makes the book able to be heard on the iPad.  When the iPad works.

But iTunes shut down recently so even if my iPad works, I don't know how to get the books to the iPad.  The new Kindles let you move books from Audible to the Kindle, which means I only need one machine, not two. 

So I became Marta.  I did research on the available Kindles, chose one t hat  looked like it was perfect and I ordered it.  It is supposed to arrive on Friday. 

I also ordered Bluetooth headphones that I can use in the recliner or in the cars.  Most of the Bluetooth headphones are the over the head headphones, but I like these because the actual ear piece goes in your ear, not on it.  And there is a lightweight thing that goes around your neck. 

I'm not sure how that's going to be but it looks like exactly what I'd like to have,

So Friday I will be spending the day figuring out how the new Kindle works and which books and audio books I want to transfer over.  I didn't realize that every time you buy a book it stays in your library on Amazon or Audible, so you don't have to move them all over to the Kindle, but just the ones you want to read or listen to, leaving the rest on the host web site.

It's exciting.  I haven't bought anything "big" like this in a very long time and I told Walt he could consider it my Christmas present. 




If you're paying $70,000 for this, you need to find a new hair stylist.


Fall is arriving in Boston

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