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September 25, 2020

Several months ago there was an ad on Facebook for a puzzle.  It was a puzzle of Lombard Street ("the crookedest street in the world") in San Francisco.  It was a great puzzle.  I have a soft spot in my heart for Lombard Street because it's what every tourist wants to see...and I grew up just two blocks from the crooked part of the street.

Jeri and I talked about what a nice puzzle it was.  She has been working puzzles in her quarantine and we have worked puzzles together. We both love puzzles.

At the time she was going through bad feelings about the coronavirus and her job and I thought that sending her the puzzle would be something that would cheer her up.  It wasn't a cheap puzzle, but I wanted to do something nice for Jeri.

Well...the puzzle never arrived.  It was weeks (I didn't realize it was coming from China).  I paid for the puzzle with Pay Pal, so I complained and they contacted the company, which wrote to let me know the puzzle was on its way.  It arrived maybe a week or so later.

But it was the wrong puzzle.  Instead of a picture of Lombard Street, it was a 1000 piece puzzle of book covers.  Dozens of covers of books.  A nice puzzle, another one I  thought was a nice puzzle but not worth the money it cost, so I didn't order it.

I wrote to the company about the wrong delivery, kind of hoping they would just let her keep the puzzle she got and send the other one anyway.  It started a most interesting conversation between me and whoever answers mail in China.

ME:  Order # 200806193808295 was sent and delivered, but it was not what I ordered.  I ordered " The most crooked street in America-puzzle - 500/1000 PIECE" and what was received was a puzzle of novel covers.  I really wanted the Lombard Street puzzle.  What can we do about it??

THEM:  Could you please kindly do us a favor to provide some pictures about the product you received? We will reflect the problem to our supplier to see if we have a solution for it.

PS & Kindly Reminder: Please do not send the item back until we authorize the return with the returning address in the email. Also, the address on the package is not our returning address, do never send the package to that address, or we will not be responsible for the loss.

Please do not worry, we will try our best to help you solve the problems. Looking forward to hearing from you.

ME:  (I sent a picture of what was received)

THEM:  Thanks for the evidence that you provide.

We would like to show our sincere apology for this issue. As usual, our warehouse staffs check the package before they send it out. But they have to deal with thousands of packages every day. Please understand. We have reflected this issue to our shipping department to avoid the same mistake appearing again. In order to apologize for this issue, how about we provide 6 USD discount for this order and you keep the item to save your time and money. Is it acceptable for you?

Kindly let us know at your earliest convenience

ME:  Do you mean you will send the original puzzle at a $6 discount?

THEM:  Thanks for your support and concern on our store.

We are very sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. We understand your feeling that you really need it urgently and you have waited for a very long time. However, according to our company’s rule, we are not allowed to resend. In order to show our sincere apology for this issue, we would like to issue a partial refund of 8USD as a compensation. Is it acceptable for you? Very sorry and hope for your understanding

ME:  How would I receive the 8USD? Is it not possible to order the original puzzle and use the 8USD as a discount on the price?

THEM:  Thanks for your support and concern on our store.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconveniences caused to you. Could I suggest that we issue a partial refund of 8USD as a compensation to ease your unhappiness? Is it acceptable for you?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

ME:  I have twice answered this question. The $8 would be good and I am asking if I can use it as partial payment for the puzzle that I originally ordered.

THEM:  Thanks for your support and concern on our store.

We are very sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you. We understand your feeling that you really need it urgently and you have waited for a very long time. However, according to our company’s rule, we are not allowed to resend. Very sorry and hope for your understanding.
As you are our valued customer, after reviewing your order in detail, we can offer the following two options :
Option 1:
We can refund 10USD to your payment account as compensation, kindly note that this is the maximum amount we we can offer.

Option 2: Return the package for full refund.
In this case, we are not liable for the return shipping fee .It is customer's duty to pay this cost which generally costs about $20. Please make sure the product can be resold.

We sincerely hope you can accept the partial refund proposal. We will provide return address in the next email if you insist to return item.

Once getting your confirmation, we will deal with it immediately.

I have gone from a $6 refund to a $10 refund to an account I don't have with them.  I don't know how I am to get the $6 or $10 and all I really want to do is buy the real puzzle and use this money as a discount.  I am going to try to thank them for the refund and ask how I can make a new order and if I can use this refund as part of the payment.  I somehow don't think I am ever going to see the Lombard Street puzzle.

(and probably not a usable $10 refund either, since I don't have an account with them.)

Our Internet was out most of the day today, from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.  Posting this quickly before it goes out again!


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