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September 6, 2020

Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud) Cheers to all of us thieves!


Stolen from Personal Development e-Magazine



1. A person I like and why I like them.
Country Dew.  I have followed her Sunday Stealing and Saturday 9 entries for a long time and have always enjoyed her stories of her writing, her farm, and her relationship with her husband.  Now we have become pen pals and I'm learning how much we have in common.

2. A famous person Iíve been compared to.
Long, long ago when I was in high school, I was walking up Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco and a man came running out of a car dealership and then stopped and said "I thought you were Judy Garland."  Now THAT made my day!

3. Best thing that happened to me this week.
I got a very nice letter from my granddaughter.  It's so nice that she has learned to write real, interesting letters.

4. Weird things I do when Iím alone.
Not much.  Watch weird stuff on TV and eat too much.

5. How Iíd spend $10,000.
Give a lot of it to Jeri, whose salary has been cut in half because there is no theater in Boston right now.

6. My last night out in detail.
A month or so ago, my second night out since March, Walt and I met our friends from Olympia (Washington), who were changing trains in Davis.  We met them at the train station, walked to a pizza parlor and had pizza.  We ate outside far apart from other tables and wore masks when we weren't eating.  It was a nice evening.

7. Something that makes me sad when I think about it.
It makes me said to think that tomorrow is my mother's 101st birthday and I won't be able to see her because of this damn virus.  But I thank everyone who sent her cards.

8. Something Iím currently worrying about.
Two things:  first, that somehow I will catch COVID-19, and secondly that #45 will be re-elected (but if I catch COVID-19 and die from it, I won't have to worry about the election).

9. Something I do without realizing.
The doctors say we aren't supposed to put our hands to our faces, but I rub my eyes and nose all the time without thinking about it.

10. A drunken story.
I haven't had a drunken story in a very long time, but about 45 years ago we had gone out to a champagne gala and I had too much to drink.  I was wearing a gold lamť culotte that was slightly too long for me.  We were in a babysitting co-op and a very proper British man was sitting for our kids.  We got to the house and I had to go to the bathroom very badly.  The British man was standing at the top of our steps, I got out and started up the steps, stepped on the hem of the culotte, fell on my face and peed my pants.

11. Something I regret.
Whatever I did to make Peggy end our friendship.

12. 5 things within touching distance.
Only 5?  OK...a magnifying glass, a one-eared teddy bear, a rubber stamp with a paw print on it, a Pringles box with paperclips in it, and a book by Hoda Kotb.  Plus lots, lots more.

13. Something Iíve lied about.
I answer the question "What's wrong?" with "Nothing."

14. Lyrics that apply to my current mood.
Nothing comes to mind.  We just finished watching the Kentucky Derby and the only song that is going through my head as an earworm is "My Old Kentucky Home."

15. My longest relationship.
Walt and I have been married 55 years.  Char and I have been friends for 60 years.




Tom and his family are moving this weekend.
This is their new house.


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