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October 27, 2020

This is an excellent clip from Rachel Maddow giving an idea of what the current state of the coronavirus is.  Stuff you probably have not seen before.

The thing that I am upset they didn't ask #45 in the debate is what his plan is for the virus now.  He went on at great length, more than once, about how wonderful he was for all he did in March and how many millions of deaths he prevented, which may or may not be true (probably not), but that was March, five months ago, when there were only 17,000 deaths.  Since then 225,000 people have died and 8 million+ have  tested positive.  Hospitals are filling up, medical workers are exhausted and the thing doesn't stop.  Not only doesn't it stop, but everyone is so tired of isolating and wearing masks that they have stopped doing it and everywhere that shops open up and people remove masks, the rate of infection rises.

So what is his plan?  His plan seems to be to let everybody get sick and die.  Without admitting it, his "plan" is herd immunity.  Mass murder.

I have to admit that I feel very sorry for Biden.  This whole election is a disaster.  If 45 wins we will have four more years of what we have had, and it will be worse because he will take more and more liberties.  The rules and regulations we have lived with for 200 years are leaving and Republicans are doing nothing about it.  Checks and balances died with this administration.

But if he loses and Biden becomes president (assuming he can get 45 to leave the White House), the poor guy is going to have to deal with it.  You know he will deal with it, as best he can, but he is going to start with a great percentage of the country sick of isolating and wearing masks and ready to start rioting if it's made a federal law.  God help him if he has a Republican Senate.

European countries have shown that when countries open up, the virus starts expanding again and when they shut things down, the rates lower again, so it's clear what has to be done.  If we can't get people in this country to follow the proven rules of how to kill the virus, how are we ever going to be rid of it?

But I sure don't envy Biden trying to convince the haters in this country of that.

This is Miriam, from Uganda.  I made a Kiva loan to her today.  This is her story:

Mariam, aged 55 and widowed with 5 children, operates a beauty salon. This is her only source of daily income for survival.

She has managed to meet her family's needs on time and keep her children in school from the profits earned from the business.

She intends to grow the salon and start teaching those who are interested in knowing salon duties, but she suffers from insufficient funds.

She has approached Ugafode for a credit facility to buy salon equipment like hair dryers, towels, hair pomades, rollers, combs, and makeup equipment so that she can also offer her customers extra makeup services.

She awaits a positive response from Kiva lenders. She hopes to become one of the leading hairdressers in the area.

I chose Mariam because one of my Compassion sponsored young women, Shallon, left the program to start a beauty shop in order to care for her family.  I have no contact with Shallon any more, but Mariam is in Uganda as well and it seems like a way I can help this woman and hope some time someone will help Shallon.



Sandy says my mother watched the debate.
I wonder what it's like to watch it with Alzheimers!

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