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October 15, 2020

I remember when Penny, from Big Bang Theory decided to move in with Leonard and his OCD roommate Sheldon, Sheldon had to fit her into the daily schedule, even telling her when she could shower and when use the toilet.  She expressed surprise to Leonard, who said that believe it or not, your body gets used to it.

With these self-isolating coronavirus days, we are definitely in a "schedule" around here.  After six months, I can pretty much  tell you when the squirrels come in the morning, when my bowels want to move, when the squirrels come in the afternoon, when Ned will come in to check about dinner, when I take a nap, what I watch on TV after dinner, when I head to the couch for the first nap period and then up and down throughout the evening until time to wake up again.  It's pretty much the same every day, the only change is that on Saturday, there are cooking shows on TV instead of talking head shows.

In this daily routine, my daytime nap has become something that I need to take.  Even on the rare nights when overnight sleeping isn't too bad, my body needs the daily nap, which I take around 11 a.m., or around 2 p.m.. depending on what I am doing on the computer.

I find some show that I either know very well (like NCIS or Criminal Minds) or turn on MSNBC, which is pretty boring during the day.  I get under a blanket, turn my head to the side and within 5 minutes I am asleep.  The naps generally last an hour, or sometimes two.

Then I am back in my office to finish what I was doing when I realized I was sleepy and that it was time for a nap.

Leonard is right.  Your body knows how to adjust to routines and when you have no reason to change, they get firmly embedded in your day.

Today Ned took Cat out to the back yard.

I actually got to pet her a bit and she didn't hiss at me.  Ned says she has stopped hissing at people, but does hiss at Bouncer (whom she hasn't actually met but has been in the same room with).

Ned and Marta sat outside and watched her explore the yard.

She checked out the entire perimeter of the yard, perhaps looking for a way to get out.  But then she just kind of wandered around for awhile.  When Marta called her, she came to her.

After she went back into the house, the male squirrel (c'mon, guys...someone must have a good name for a male squirrel with black balls!) came to beg for peanuts.  He doesn't eat as much as the female does, I'm learning, and only eats about half of the handful I toss out for him. 

None of the squirrels have investigated the little pumpkin I had Ned buy, after reading on Facebook about the squirrels that LOVE pumpkin.  I may cut off a small piece of it and put it outside the backdoor with the peanuts to see if any of them will check it out.  The male saw it yesterday, near the water bowl, and was very afraid of it and nearly didn't drink any water at all until he finally got brave and did.


(this came on an envelope I received yesterday)


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