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October 12, 2020

I went to check on today's Monday Madness questions and found out that the writers had decided not to continue, after only three weeks. 

As Mimi and I enjoy playing the Weekend Memes, we thought a third on a Monday would generate interest. Clearly it did not.  It showed how much Bev & Gal both do a terrific job. From Mimi & I thank you who played with us for giving us a shot. Goodbye from Monday Madness!

So.  Gee.  Now I have to think of something to write about on a Monday again.

Fortunately, Sunday was a good day and I have lots to write about.  We had an actual almost coronavirus-free day.

It started with getting on the freeway.  I have not been on the freeway, or out of Davis, for six months.

We were headed for Walt's brother's house in Petaluma, about 70 miles away, where we were going to have lunch.  We were all masked and distanced.

Norm's wife, Olivia had gone out and got sandwiches for all of us, and we ate, properly distanced, us at one table, Norm and Olivia at another.

The reason we were there was that Marta has been wanting a cat and saw a picture on line of a 4 year old cat, who is supposedly good with dogs, and she decided this was going to be her cat.

Her name was Catalieportman (which will probably be changed!) and she was being given up by a family that had taken her in as a foster. 

So Ned and Marta left us with Norm and Olivia and went to get Cat.  They came back an hour later with Cat in her cage, and all of the cat stuff that the family had.

We came home and Marta took her right upstairs and has been in the bedroom bonding with the cat while Ned and Bouncer are in the other room and Walt and I were napping.  I don't know when Cat will meet the dogs, but it will probably be easier for her to get along with Bouncer, who lived with Ned and Marta's other cat for many years, than it will be for her to get along with Polly.

I hope that if she goes outside Cat is not a squirrel chaser.



Here is a link to a video Ned took of our four baby squirrels!

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