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November 27, 2020

I made pumpkin pie at  6 a.m. this morning, getting the oven ready for the other dishes later in the day.  Then I watched the quasi Thanksgiving day parade, not nearly as festive as Macy*s usually does it, but the pandemic kept it smaller and shorter (only one block long, just long enough for there to be TV coverage). and the Broadway excerpts seem to have been filmed on a stage made to look like the door to Macy*s.  My favorite was the Rockettes.

I've decided I'm too old for this parade.  I no longer recognize 90% of the "big names" who march, don't know any of the musical numbers and only recognized one of the Broadway shows (Hamilton).

After that was the National Dog Show, another pandemic-affected activity.  So silly--they had faux people and dogs in the audience and sound effects of clapping, like they do for football games.  I had to wonder who the clapping was forthe dog handlers, or the dogs!...

Announcers John O'Herley and David Frei were like Ned and Clyde...each in their own house describing what was happening at the event they were watching on TV.

I love the dog show each year, but didn't see much of it this year because I had to make hors d'oeuvres and get the turkey in the oven.  I was so looking forward to making these brie/cranberry hors d'oeuvres, which I'd seen on the internet.

Mine didn't quite turn out as well, however...

They tasted OK but were not what I expected.  I probably will not make them again.

Since it was a holiday, I got dressed up in my Thanksgiving finery.

At 1:00, we had a Baur family Zoom...

This is only some of the attendees.  The Baur family from the other side of the Rockies (North Carolina and Maryland) were there too.  I really don't like Zoom on my cell phone because I can only get four pictures at a time and by the time I find whoever is talking, someone else is talking.  But Brianna (in her pilgrim hat) was able to get the whole group together.

I left the Zoom after about half an hour to baste the turkey.  I don't know what time they shut down, but at 3, Ned and Marta had another Zoom with Marta's family while I took a nap.

The turkey came out of the oven at 4 and rested for an hour while I heated up the dressing and the green bean casserole and Ned made mashed potatoes.

Ned carved the turkey and we all sat down at the table. 

Ned passed the olives "because it's not a party without olives" (quote of my mother's). Everything was delicious, if I do say so myself.  The turkey was so juicy.  We were all too full for pie when we finished dinner, but we managed to find room for a piece an hour or so later.

So our Coronavirus Thanksgiving is over.  It was nice to see all the family, sad not to be able to hug them.  Next year we'll have to make up for it.  I hope.

I hope you all had a good day.


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