November 25, 2020

My granddaughter is taking after her grandmother!


Tom sent this to me today.  I don't know if this is a one-time thing or if she has been writing newsletters before.

I have been writing newsletters ever since I was about Brianna's age and have loved doing it. I have written newsletters for clubs, for organizations, and even just for me and for my friends.  I have always been the newsletter editor for every organization I ever joined that had a newsletter.  (Likewise, my mother was the treasurer for every organization she ever joined!)

My friend Gilbert and I started a newsletter for The Lamplighters, Cock and Bull, which is still sent out occasionally now, some 35 or so years after we started it.

For about five years, I wrote a monthly newsletter for the Pinata group.  I tried to write something about each family in the group -- weddings, births, jobs, graduations, etc.  It was such fun.  The most difficult issue I put together was after Bill died.  Bill was the first of the 2nd generation to die, several years before David.  I don't know if they ever figured out why he died.  He walked into his kitchen and collapsed, dead.  He was healthy, didn't drink or do drugs, didn't smoke.  He just died.  Everybody in the Pinata group wrote some sort of a eulogy for him.  I cried putting that newsletter together.

I don't know if Brianna is going to continue doing newsletters throughout her life, but it's obvious that she has the talent for it.  Even I didn't have Trader Joe ads!




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