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November 19, 2020

We don't make a lot of friends when we travel.  I decided on our first cruise that since Mike and Char, Walt and I took up a whole table for meals, we didn't have the opportunity to get to know a lot of other people.

Before we went on our Russia cruise we joined a Viking Facebook group about people taking that cruise and we made Facebook friends with Suellyn.  It  was fun meeting her on the cruise ship.  That was in 2010 and we are still friends on Facebook.

Suellyn was one of those people who must have lots of friends from her trips.  She's very outgoing and gregarious.  She was at one of the biggest dinner tables and their table was the one where I'm sure everyone wanted to be.   They all laughed so much and were having such a good time.  I'm glad we remain friends.

We got a bigger table on our next cruise, to China:

I got to know Sharon (standing with her husband Brian behind Walt) because we usually sat together.  She was involved with theater in London and so we had many things in common.  She and I continued to exchange emails for a few years after that cruise.  Char became friendlier with the guy she's standing with and his wife.  They were from Texas and I can't really remember much about him.

On our Rhine trip, it was Kitch and Joyce, from Canada.

Joyce wasn't well on a lot of the trip and didn't eat with us many nights, but we enjoyed Kitch and he and I are still Facebook friends, and he often sends me jokes on email.

We met Bob and Linda from Texas on our Ukraine trip.

One of my favorite pictures from that trip is this one of Bob making friends with a little toddler in Odessa.

We had such a good time that we decided to go on a Mediterranean trip together.  Mike died before that trip, but Char came along and we enjoyed seeing all those countries with Bob and Linda.

Bob was amazing.  For one thing he took more photos than I did.  This picture was taken as we were entering Dubrovnik. He usually had two cameras with him. I would love to see the pictures he took during our trips.

But he also had a lot of physical problems.  He walked with a cane and had great difficulty, but by God he wasn't going to be left behind. 

After our trip, we stayed in contact with Linda through e-mail and she told Char and me about all the trips they had taken.  They usually took two trips a year.  Knowing how many physical problems he had, I marveled at all he could do.

I was very sad today to learn that Bob died yesterday.  He and Linda were some of our best memories from all of our trips.

special dinner on our Mediterranean trip



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