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November 16, 2020

When I woke up, Kelly and Ryan was on.  It starts at 9 a.m.  I remember turning on the local news at  5:30 but never saw any of The Today Show.

That's how I measure my sleep -- by what's on TV  when I conk out and what is on when I wake up.  I go to sleep with the TV and I have earphones so that the volume doesn't disturb Ned and Marta, who sleep right over the TV.

Lately I have been sleeping so well.  Part of it, I think, is that I don't worry about whether I sleep or not.  I know that whatever time I go to sleep for the first time at night, on the couch, with pillow and blanket, that I will wake up 3 hours later.  My body just doesn't seem to want to sleep longer than 3 hours.

But it's the hours after that that have bothered me.  Trying to find a way to sleep in the recliner, working at the computer trying to get sleepy, etc.

Lately, I just don't worry about it.  If I don't sleep, I have my nap during the day -- on insomnia nights, my nap is usually 2 hours; on nights when I sleep, it's usually almost exactly an hour.  In the last week for some reason I must be very comfortable in the recliner because I fall asleep somewhere after 3 a.m., watching Morning Joe and fall asleep, waking up a few hours later.  I call that a good night of sleep.

I've tried Advil-PM, which promises sleep.  Pffft.  Nada.  And I am reluctant to take anything for sleep because I don't want to get accustomed to pills.

Look what I did yesterday ...

I had a whole stack of pen pal letters that I've been answering, and I've been writing according to the date they mailed their letters.  I got a lot of pen pal letters answered. 

I also wrote to my mother.  I write to her, now, one day a week.  I don't know if she reads them or knows who I am or what, but surely she enjoys getting mail.  I found a great card for her that had a beautiful cardinal on it and even had a forever stamp with a cardinal on it, so there was a theme, even if she wouldn't notice.

I wrote to the woman I am writing to to be supportive of her chemotherapy.  She has breast cancer and I write to her through "Chemo Angels."  You sign up promising to send either a letter or a card (I'm a card angel) once a week.  The people to whom you write are not required to write to you.  I've been writing to my person since August and have not heard from her, but I can write to Chemo Angels and they will check and see how she is doing.  Apparently not well.  I am not expected to write anything to help her through her chemo, but just a pen pal letter about the family and the squirrels and other things.  I found out she likes Twizzlers and I sent her a package through Amazon.  I keep a list of all the things I've written to her about so I can try not to be boring.

I also wrote to Brianna.  I had written to Lacie a week ago.  Usually I write to both girls on the same day, but this time I wrote to each of them separately.  I don't know how that will go over!

With all the letters I wrote, I didn't write to any of my Compassion kids.  I've just about finished all the pen pal letters, so maybe I'll do that today.


Just found this picture, which I made a long time ago.
great recipe!


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