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November 12, 2020

I haven't done Thursday Thirteen in awhile, so I thought I'd try it again:

Thirteen hobbies I’ve had in my life

1. Stamp collecting:  I started stamp collecting when I was in grammar school.  I was never all that serious about it and by the time I'd gotten to high school, I wasn't collecting any more but there are things I remember from those days, like being able to recognize a country by the name on its stamp (which I can't remember until I see a stamp).

2. Scrapbooking.  I started making scrapbooks when I first got my first camera, at age 10.  I've had things from photo albums, to albums with photos mixed with other things, most of which now fall out because I discovered that rubber cement doesn't last as a glue for 50 years.  I stopped making scrapbooks when I found on-line journals and can do the same thing on line, without having to worry about where to put a book.  I have so many books there is no place to put them all, and nobody is really much interested in them any more.

3. Pen pals.  I got my first official "pan pal" when I was in grammar school and got the name of a girl in England from a woman in San Francisco who was trying to get girls from the two countries to know each other.  I can't remember my pen pal's name or how long we wrote to each other, but it started me loving writing letters.  Over the years I have written to friends who live at a distance, or who need mail (my friend Phil was hospitalized a lot and our friendship developed when I wrote to him every day to keep him interested while he was in the hospital).  With the coronavirus and not being around people any more I signed up for pen pals and now have maybe 40-50, a handful of which are people who are becoming closer friends.

4. Collecting spoons.  I used to collect souvenir spoons until I had too many of them to store or display any more, then I switched to magnets.  When we were getting ready for our first high school student, from Brasil, to live with us, he found out I collected spoons and he brought me one that is as big as a small shovel.

5. Photography.  I've been a photographer since I got my first camera at age 10.  I had to laugh when my sister-in-law asked me the other day if I had taken any pictures at her husband's retirement party. When have I never had a camera with me at a social event??  Actually, being photographer was also a good thing because I don't like having my picture taken, so I just am behind the camera instead of in front of it.

6. PhotoShop.  I was extremely lucky to get PhotoShop at a huge sale at Amazon before their new version was coming out.  The program is more than $1,000 and I got the old version for something like $50.  I didn't know how to use it all that well until I went to Australia and Peggy had a series of videos that taught you how to do stuff.  I ran lessons every morning when I woke up, while she was still sleeping.  I learned a lot, most of which I don't use, but I do learn it enough that I'm very pleased to have it available to me.

7. Candle making.  During our kids' early years, this was something Char and I learned how to do together.  I don't think I have any of those candles any more.

8. Bread baking.  There was a time when we lived in Oakland when I made all of our bread.  Char and I would shop at a store that had all sorts of flours and so I made all sorts of bread, from white bread to whole wheat, cracked wheat, rye, etc.  We even made sourdough bread.  I finally stopped when I realized I was eating more than anybody else.

9. Envelope making.  I learned about envelope making from Swap Bot and Facebook.  I had lots of fun making my own envelopes.  I haven't done it in awhile, but I might get back to it again (but I just bought 500 regular envelopes, so it won't be in the near future).

10. Collecting magnets.  As mentioned above, when I had no room for spoons, I started collecting magnets whenever we traveled.  They covered the whole refrigerator and we had to remove them when we bought a new refrigerator.  We never put them all back on again and when Ned and Marta moved in here, they put a bunch of them in a frame which I will hang on the wall when I can figure out a spot to put it.

11. Journaling.  I started keeping a journal before Jeri was born and wanted to keep a journal of her childhood.  I never kept it up and started again after Ned was born.  I finally realized that (a) a journal doesn't have to be every day and (b) you can TYPE a journal instead of handwriting one.  I kept a typed journal for more than 10 years and one year retyped the whole thing, taking out things that the kids wouldn't be interested in, and had the whole book printed and hard-bound and titled "How I Did It."  Ned once told me I had given him his childhood back.  The book was a favorite of our kids and all of their friends after I gave it to them.

12. Paint-by-Numbers.  I did paint by numbers when I was a kid but I'm definitely not neat and tidy -- I color outside the lines in a coloring book.  The pictures were OK, but nothing special and I didn't do this very long.

13. Cake Decorating.  I took a cake decorating class at  the adult school here in Davis and loved it.  I got into it big time and started making cakes for friends.  At the time there was no official bakery in town except for Safeway and people liked my cakes better, so I started a small business baking cakes for people.  When my friend opened a bakery, I became her first cake decorator until she could hire a "real" cake decorator.  I really liked the cakes I made.


Typewriter cake

     Ned and Marta's wedding cake

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