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SO ... TODAY ...

November 5, 2020

So here we are.  Still counting.

I fell asleep at somewhere between 7:45 and 8 and woke up at 11.  I was awake long enough to hear #45 declare victory and announce he was going to go to the Supreme Court to get them to stop counting votes.

The depressing thing was how the votes went across most states.  pretty much half an half, with a few points in either direction.  Debra LoGuercio DeAngelo posted this on Facebook:

...to which my friend Kathleen responded, Yes. And every other person you pass is (statically) “one of them”. That realization haunts me - even if Biden pulls this off.

John Fitzgerald said, 65 million Americans showed the world that we are a land of buffoons and imbeciles. We are no longer a country to be respected and admired. We are now a country to be laughed at and pitied.

At times like this, I'm glad to be from California, where the votes were 63%-35%.

No matter who ultimately wins, the thing I find the most depressing is that Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham were both re-elected.  I simply can't believe that after all that has happened with the Senate in the last four years they would be re-elected.  If Biden wins the presidency, we will be back at the start of the Obama administration, where the Republicans vowed to never let a thing he wants to pass get through the Senate.  It's why the Affordable Care Act was the mess that it was--the Republicans took all the good stuff out of it.  I can see another two years of Republican stalling, making it difficult to reverse any of the terrible things #45 did in his term.

Myke Cole posted this, which I sadly found true:

Char said what I've been thinking:

I never thought I would be embarrassed to be an American, but today I am. I really thought people were disgusted with what was happening in our country, and that they would vote him out decisively. I was wrong. Too many are willing to endure the lies, the corruption, the destruction of the environment, the disintegration of our international agreements and the deliberate cruelty. I will never understand why so many continue to support him.

And Sister Helen Prejean wrote, I am flat-out-on-my-knees-please-God concerned about this presidential election. It is vital that we have a leader who deals seriously with the pandemic, recognizes and rejects systemic racism, addresses the existential threat of climate change, understands the dire need for affordable healthcare for all people, works to build an economic system that gives every person a fair share, and urgently pushes for criminal justice reform and an end to the death penalty. 

I hope God is not wearing a MAGA hat.




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