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November 4, 2020

This is being posted before the results of the election are being discussed, so I will talk about that tomorrow.

I didn't watch Morning Joe in the middle of the night.  I didn't want to hear any of the polls or any predictions -- or any more threats that #45 has made.  I fell asleep before The Today Show started and slept through it all, so when I woke up Kelly and Ryan were on...and they only touch peripherally on the news, so I watched that.

It was time to turn to Netflix and start binging The West Wing. The show is everybody's fantasy of how a White House should be run.  I suspect no White House is, especially this one, but it was the only politics I was ready to watch today.

One episode, Season 3 #19 was fascinating.  It was a special where they interviewed all sorts of people who have actually worked in the White House, including Presidents Carter, Clinton and Ford, as well as press secretaries and other dignitaries, about what it was like to work there, and interspersed those interviews with clips from the show.  Really good.  I recommend trying to find it on Netflix,. though it made me very sad at how much we have lost in presidential politics in the last four years.

While Ned went to the store to get supplies for won ton, I worked on the puzzle.  Now that we are getting some pieces together, it is starting to be more fun.  It will be better when the edges are more complete.

After Ned came back with ingredients for won ton it was time to start getting won ton ready.  I'd forgotten how good the filling was.

I sent this photo to Char, with the comment "It's like riding a bicycle."  It has probably been 30 years since I last made Mexican won ton, but once I sat down with the meat and the won ton skins and my little cup of water to hold the won  tons together, it was like I'd just made them last week.

When I got them all made and refrigerated, it was time for Ned's radio show, their election special, so I listened to that and then it was time for my nap.

3 p.m. and I'd avoided news all day.

I took a short nap and then it was time to feed the dogs, who haven't figured out the time change yet.

I got into my Obama shirt (because I don't have a Biden shirt) and cooked the won ton.

Ned made nachos and we made dinner out of those two things.  Ned turned on the TV to get election results, but they were so close everywhere, and the "too soon to call" states were driving me nuts, so it's 7:30 and I'm going to go to sleep and hope that when I wake up, which will probably be around 11, it will be more decided.  At least I can watch Colbert, whose guests tonight are Martin Sheen, Allison Janey, and Richard Schiff, all from the cast of West Wing.

Interesting how many people on Facebook are talking about all the things they are doing to get them through this evening.  OMG.  This is like pulling a Band-Aid off slowly.  I'm gonna go bake bread.  I can't handle the stress. ** I really wish I wasn't alone tonight. ** Got champagne ready if Biden wins (unlikely at this point), but what do we drink if he loses? ** This is turning out to be a nail biter--and I don't bite my nails ** Canada must feel like they live in an apartment above a meth lab. **  Remember to put your "I Voted"  sticker under your pillow tonight so the election fairy leaves you a Xanax.



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