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January 27, 2020

What a busy day I had on Saturday, starting with a celebration of the Chinese New Year.  This is 4718, the year of the rat.  (I was born in the year of the sheep or goat).  My friend Nancianne always hosts a tea to celebrate the new year, which coincides with the time of her birthday, sometimes on the date, sometimes near the date.  Her tea is always on a Saturday, so it, too, is a "moveable feast."

There are six of us at this tea and we are all in show biz.  Whether performers, backstage people or audience, theater is our common bond.  So we had a marvelous time discussing shows (good and bad), actors (good and bad),  what to see, what not to see, and memories of shows we had been involved in, while we munched hard boiled eggs, tangerines, and cookies and drank tea.  (I don't think the word "Trump" ever came up, so that was a lovely break.)

This is also the only time I see some of these women and it's a chance to get caught up on their lives over the past year, and to do our annual "organ recital," discussing which body parts had been giving us problem throughout the year.  It's what "old people" do.  Most of us are walking a lot more slowly and carefully now, for one reason or another.

My plan had been to go to the store after, but it was nearly 4 by the time I left and we had a show to get to by 5:30.

We were going to a show by the Adrian West band, which rarely plays Davis, as they are located in the Bay Area.  It's a 4 piece band.  Adrian (and his wife) went to school with our kids and were (and still are) part of the Lawsuit scene.  (Check out that strange electric violin he plays.)

We had not been to one of his concerts before and it was fun, as we sat there at Sudwerks Brewing Co. munching pulled pork sliders (two tiny sliders for $14...but definitely delicious).

At one point I lost it.  A woman we hadn't seen in many years sat down with me.  Her daughter, she reminded me, used to date Paul.  She said that Paul was her daughter's first boyfriend (I didn't remember that).  The daughter lives in Connecticut now and rarely comes to Davis, but when she does, she always goes to the cemetery to take flowers to Paul's grave.  That blindsided me and I had a hard time stopping the tears, wondering what Adrian, who was just a few feet from me as he played, thought, seeing me wiping away tears! 

(Note to well meaning people who comfort grieving people by assuring them that they will "get over it."  You never get over it.  You move on and you put it on the back burner, but Paul has been dead 20 years and something as simple as that story can bring back a wave of grief again -- which isn't a bad thing, it just is.)

We left after Adrian's first set because I was reviewing a show in Sacramento.  The show is called Alabaster and it's difficult to describe, but if you Google it, the themes/keywords are: lesbian, LGBTQ, queer theater, PTSD, grief, recovery, alcoholism, same-sex relationships, natural disaster, Alabama tornado, farm life, goats

It has a cast of four:  Two women and two goats.

Amy Kelly, the "goat" sticking her head through the window, is one of my favorite actresses in Sacramento.  She has a certain je ne sais quois that she brings to everything she plays, and a "goat" is the perfect role for her.

We got home around 11:15 and I sat down in my chair, with my coat still on, intending to take it off and go to bed as soon as I warmed up.  I didn't even turn on the TV.  When I woke up it was 3:45.  I took off my coat and went to the couch and slept for another 3 hours.  I had done more socialization in one day than I do in a normal month.


Ned photographed Adrian's show

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