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January 24, 2019

I had not intended to spend the day watching the impeachment again today.  For one thing, I thought it would be the Republicans firing back and I wasn't sure I could take a whole day of that.  But I was wrong.  This was Day #2 of the house managers.

Rep Sylvia Garcia, from Texas, began the proceedings with a long history of "impeachment," from Johnson to Nixon to Clinton to Trump.  Should Trump be removed from the office, he will be the first one.  Johnson was impeached, but not removed.  Nixon resigned before he could be impeached and Clinton, too, was impeached but not removed.  But the whole thing was fascinating...like a history class more than a trial.  I didn't realize that Johnson was impeached because after Lincoln's death, he replaced Lincoln appointees with appointees of his own, something which is routine now, but was impeachable back in 1865.

Anyway, the whole day was riveting.  Today they did a chronology of what happened and you learn that the "perfect phone call" was just  the end of events that had gone on for months and were much more complicated than we have been lead to believe. 

I watched the whole day, again, except for 30 minutes when we watched Jeopardy.  Walt is not into the impeachment at all and he hates to miss Jeopardy and I figured that I wouldn't miss much for 30 minutes, but what I missed was Adam Schiff's impassioned closing comments, which everyone is talking about.  I have seen bits and pieces of it on various shows, but I missed the entire thing.  I hope it makes it to YouTube. 

What I noticed about Schiff, and most of the people interviewed after today's session, is how many of them had bags under their eyes.

I had a complaint recently about how my hatred of Trump is so evident on Funny the World. I rarely get any comments at all when I write a political entry.  If I get comments they are usually on the other stuff that gets tacked onto the end.

In truth, I never liked Trump, but I, like many, hoped he would rise to the occasion when he was inaugurated.  But he made it difficult when in his inaugural address he went after all the previous administrations and how bad they were and how only he could fix it all, and then followed that with a long argument (still ongoing now, 3 years later) about the size of his audience.  I have become accustomed to seeing something negative about what he's doing today almost every day.

This morning I read that in discussing an Iranian airstrike the Trump administration reported that "no Americans were harmed" during the attack, though officials confirmed reports 11 troops were medically evacuated for treatment of head injuries in Germany and Kuwait and are "still being assessed."

Trump's response? "I heard they had headaches and a couple of other things … and I can report it is not very serious."  He figures there was nothing serious unless there were body parts blown off.  I guess he has no awareness of traumatic brain disorder, which can be much worse than other visible injuries.

Next I read that 15,000 migrant children are currently being held in the US, according to December statistics.  15,000.  My heart breaks whenever I hear about those children and think of their parents, who will probably never see them again.  It's a topic Trump never discusses and I hate him for it.

Then I read that Trump is cutting back federal protections for streams and wetlands and I saw a picture of what L.A. used to look like before we got the air cleaned up.

I think of everything we worked years to pass to clean up the environment, establish rights for women and gays, immigration, etc., and wonder how long it's going to take to get this all reversed once Trump is out of office.  Oh yeah, and he announced today that after he is re-elected, he will go after Social Security and Medicare.  Again.  Fun.

Yes, I hate the man.  I was willing to give him a chance, but he killed that.  And the most depressing thing is that it seems all the Republicans have drunk the kool-aid and I can't for the life of me think how anybody, let alone 53 of them, can give him a pass on everything they have heard in the past two days.


Adam Schiff, closing arguments today

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