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January 22, 2019

Just in time, and after a too-long drought, Randy Rainbow has come up with a new video.  I saw this at 4 p.m. on the first day of the impeachment trial and after watching  since it started, around 10 a.m., I was definitely ready for a laugh.  It kept me from crying.

After a long day during which the Democrats flooded the Senate with facts and specifics and the Republicans responded by complaining about the process, with absolutely NO attempt to justify the President's actions -- or to excuse them (or deny them), I watched the ball-less Republicans vote 53-47 to hold this "trial" with no witnesses, and no documents.  And from what I understand, this is scheduled to run until the middle of the night, perhaps so that people like me will give up and turn it off.

The Republicans not only ignored the facts, they told brazen lies.  One guy went on eloquently about how the Democrats had held secret meetings in which no Republicans, not even the president's attorney, were allowed to attend, though this was a bipartisan meeting with at least 50 Republicans, including the president's attorney, attending.  The reason for the "secret" meeting, which is commonplace, was to keep upcoming witnesses from comparing notes with testifying witnesses.  Anybody who watches lawyer shows on TV knows that witnesses are not allowed in the courtroom when other witnesses are testifying.

I was so discouraged when McConnell held a vote on whether witnesses or documents should be allowed in this "trial" and there wasn't one single republican who said that yes, we should have witnesses and documents, which makes ALL statements by the prosecutors merely "hearsay" because they have no way of bringing in the people or the documents on which they are making their case.

I suspect that  my feeling of turning off the damn thing and going back to  watching Shitt's Creek was one that was shared with lots of other viewers.  But this is history.  This is the democratic country with which I have grown up dying before my eyes, being killed by the Republicans who are more loyal to the president than to the Constitution, and I'll stick it out until I fall asleep.

I'm not sure whom I dislike more today -- the president or McConnell.  Dear God let that man be voted out of office!

Ned and Marta returned from Lake Tahoe yesterday.  They spent the long weekend up at the condo and apparently had a great time.  I'm really  glad they went because they need to have their alone time, which they don't get here.  But I was surprised to find that I missed them.  It was good to have them home yesterday.  They have gone through the calendar for the year and found other long weekends that they can get away and have booked the condo for those weekends.

Polly was weird the last 2 days of the long weekend and I kind of think maybe she missed Bouncer, though as soon as Bouncer got home, Polly seemed upset to see her.  Those dogs will never be "friends," but can only learn how to live together.

While watching the impeachment trial today, I also had a great time watching squirrels out on the patio.  I had run out of peanuts in the shell but we had a jar of roasted peanuts that just tasted weird to me, so I tossed some of them out.  The squirrel had a great time.  Obviously preferred the shelled nuts to the nuts in the shell because he sat there, just inches from the back door, eating, so I was able to get pictures of him, which I normally have a difficult time doing as he picks up a nut and races into a tree with it.


squirrels apparently prefer shelled peanuts

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