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January 20, 2019

This is a short bit from my friend Alec Clayton's website that really made me laugh (Alec is a theater/art critic in Olympia, WA...we also share a birthday):

My son asked me, “Where does poo come from?”

I was a little uncomfortable but gave him an honest explanation. He looked a little perplexed and stared at me in stunned silence for a few seconds and asked, “And Tigger?”

I am have much respect for my mother today.  I am a big fan of the British Baking Show (isn't everyone?) and for Season 5, episode 1 they have to make mini chocolate cream rolls.

Chocolate cream roll was one of my favorite cakes growing up.  My mother made it frequently.  I still remember her  turning out a sponge cake on a powdered sugar covered towel, cutting off the edges (which my sister and I got to eat), then rolling it up until it was cool, then unrolling it, filling it with whipped cream, and topping with a bitter sweet chocolate frosting.

This was the cake I often asked for for my birthday.

Well, there are 12 bakers making chocolate cream rolls of the British Baking Show.  These are supposedly some of the best home bakers in the UK and almost every single one of them had problems with their cake rolls.  Only one out of 12 did it right...and here my mother did it effortlessly many times.

I've never tried to make a cream roll.  I probably wouldn't now but, as I said, I have much respect for my mother for how easy it was for her to make something like this.

She could also peel an apple in one peel.  She made better enchiladas than I've ever had, and I have never been able to get the taste of her pot roast.  My cousin peach loved her meatloaf and said she could never duplicate the taste of it...I was never able to duplicate the texture of it.

I always thought of my mother as a plain cook...and she was.  She didn't make a lot of fancy stuff, but what she made was wonderful and things I could never make as well.  I'm the cook who will try lots of odd things and when I was cooking for guests I always made something new because it was an excuse to try something I hadn't cooked before (it was almost always a success). 

I remember when she came home excited because she had learned about something called "lasagna" and was going to try to make it.  She did an excellent job, of course, and it became part of her staples.

I miss her cooking.  By the time she was my age, and was living alone, even before the brain started going, she stopped cooking and lived on tv dinners and yogurt.  I hope I don't get to that point, though if I decide to stop cooking I'd rather substitute take-out or restaurant dinners!

I spent the day working on two reviews for the show we saw Friday night.  It was a good show, and a funny show, but I was disappointed.  I knew it was two guys playing dozens of characters and expected it to be as funny as Greater Tuna, which was one of the funniest shows I'd seen.  But it wasn't.  I was disappointed.  The actors were wonderful and the fault, if there was one, was in the script, not the acting.  Everyone seemed to love it, so I don't want to give it a bad review, but I also don't want to rave about how great it was either.  It was not, for me, "a side-splitting tour de force exploding with humor and heart," as promised on the program.

It was easier to review it for the Sacramento paper because my word limit is 250 words (my review  ended up being 249).  By the time you give a brief background, plot summary and a list of characters that these two guys play, there are no more words left to figure out how I felt about it.  I'm still struggling with the longer Davis review, which will be 500-700 words long.

But while writing, I've been binge watching Schitt's Creek, which I decided I wanted to see, now that it's ending.  People have told me it is great.  I've now watched the first two (of 5) seasons and I was easily hooked, though the final episode of Episode 2 was the best of all.  I may watch more episodes tonight.



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